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How to Set Up a Custom Domain and Get a Free SSL Certificate on Firebase

Level of difficultyEasy
Reading time2 min

In my previous article, I showed you how to deploy your project to Firebase and use it for free. Now, let’s explore additional benefits of Firebase. In the upcoming article, I will show you how to set up a custom domain name for your project and utilize a free SSL certificate from Firebase.

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Decentralized Torrent storage in DHT

Reading time5 min

The DHT system has existed for many years now, and torrents along with it, which we successfully use to get any information we want.

Together with this system, there are commands to interact with it. There are not many of them, but only two are needed to create a decentralized database: put and get.

This is what will be discussed below...
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HTTP headers checker

Reading time2 min
For any site, it is important to properly configure the HTTP headers. A lot of articles have been written on the subject of headings. Here we have summarized the lessons learned, the RFC documentation. Some of the headings are mandatory, some are obsolete, some can be confusing and contradictory. We did a parsing to automatically check the HTTP headers of the web server.

Correct HTTP headers increase security and trust in the site, including from search engines, can affect the site’s position in Yandex and Google, save server resources, reduce server load, thereby increasing the server response speed, which again affects the ranking of the site in the search, save money on payment powerful hosting, which may not be required for the site when configured correctly.
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How To Solve?: «ECONNREFUSED — connection refused by server»

Reading time3 min

Chances are that while you've been using FileZilla you've also come across the ECONNREFUSED — connection refused by a server error. If that's the case — great that you've found this tutorial! I am going to show you three methods that might help you with resolving this FTP error.

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Vepp — ISPsystem’s new server and website control panel

Reading time9 min

Vepp is our new panel for managing servers and websites. At first, we just wanted to transform the interface of ISPmanager 5 but at the designing phase, we figured that (changing) the interface is not enough. We have to change the approach to modern user’s needs and tasks. As a matter of fact, it meant that we had to create a whole new product.

In the article, we’ll explain why we couldn’t make do with only cosmetic changes to ISPmanager 5 and show the result of the global overhaul.

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