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Business trips with a cat on my lap or how to diversify remote work life

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It has been a year since most of our life has become online. We at ISPsystem are used to working from the office and seeing all team members every day at arm's length. I adapted quickly to the new format. However, I will be honest; working remotely is not as easy as it may seem from the outside. Many fail to cope. The lack of live communication and the too familiar four walls make you not notice how the seasons change.

So how can one adapt to the situation? How to diversify your work, get new experiences and pump up your skills without leaving home? I want to share our experience with internal mission trips. It can be useful for companies that have several product teams at once.

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Vepp — ISPsystem’s new server and website control panel

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Vepp is our new panel for managing servers and websites. At first, we just wanted to transform the interface of ISPmanager 5 but at the designing phase, we figured that (changing) the interface is not enough. We have to change the approach to modern user’s needs and tasks. As a matter of fact, it meant that we had to create a whole new product.

In the article, we’ll explain why we couldn’t make do with only cosmetic changes to ISPmanager 5 and show the result of the global overhaul.

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