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Thank you for those cool words, Gaspodin NukeDuke :) Your English is better than mine!

Kolobok is maybe my favorite. He's like a hippy smiley face (yes, I'm THAT old) but steampunked.

Anything is possible, but I doubt it. You would have to ask Gearbox, who now owns the IP. I think they're too busy with their other IPs, like Borderlands.
I very much liked what Nerve did with the Build Engine upgrades like true 3D geometry and real lighting.
Thank you, saboteur_kiev!

Yes, yes, I already apologized to creker :) I read the posts too quickly last night. I thought maybe he was a troll or a very young person. I've also been mostly retired from game dev for 15 years, so I'm very ignorant, ...Blissfully ignorant :)

I hadn't played Duke again (since 1996) until I helped make the 20th Anniversary World Tour. 20 years, wow! It was so cool to play the original levels. I could hear NIN and Metalica echoing in my head. Even more cool was working with Allen Blum III again!

It was also then, 2016, that I found out how many people do still play Duke, all these years later. Duke is a real hero, a classic who will stand the test of time :)
Nobody was watching, DrPass, and the back door was left open. I sneaked in with the old cat :)
They are making very good progress. This is no Duke Nukem Forever :) I get to see much more than the public does, much more. That's why Levelord the Lucky gets to visit… To bear witness. I always leave with my jaw dropped to the floor.

As though this task of mine was fulfilling some divine destiny, I live right across the river from their office. If there was a bridge at Krasnaya Presnya Park, I could walk there in 10 minutes!

Keep the faith and be patient, everyone!
We did have a terrific team of really talented people. We performed well together, too. So many things lined up to make Duke Nukem 3D great. We didn't wrestle with cutting-edge technology, so we could spend more time on the Fun Factor. The team was very small, so communication and coordination were easy. We playtested the shit out of the game almost every night. It was a good time in game development history to make a game like Duke Nuke :)
Ooops, sorry, creker! You're exactly right. I tried to read all these posts too quickly. I thought you were maybe a troll, or a very young person who had no idea of the «old days» :(

I've been visiting Mundfish and watching what they're doing with Nvidia RTX in Atomic Heart. Amazing stuff going on these days, really amazing. Again, sorry,
If you haven't seen Mundfish's «Atomic Heart» lately, or maybe never at all (как жаль!), go see what they're doing. Really cool stuff, and all of it made right here in Russia! Mundfish.com
Thanks for the thanks! It was even more fun to make :) Well, most of the time.
Hey everyone! It's so cool to see so many people talking about Duke. I really need to come visit more often :)

The mirrors in Duke Nukem, how did they work? I have an answer, but you're not going to like it… Because I have no answer :) Well, what I have is more than one answer.

Remember, I left 3D Realms right after Duke Nukem 3D was published. What I remember about mirrors then was that they needed a room(s) on the other side of the mirror texture. The geometry of the room(s) had to be an exact mirror version of the real room. This was so the player(s) and monsters, etc could move around on the mirror side. Then, a mirror image camera view was put under that on the mirror texture. Don't ask me how any of that makes any sense, because it doesn't to me :)

Load up some of those old maps in the editor and take a look.

I just asked Allen Blum III to make sure I was remembering correctly. He remembers the same sort of thing. He also added, though, that the tech was quickly replaced in further Dukes, Shadow Warrior, etc, to act more like a real mirror.

I'm not sure if the tunnel-of-mirrors thing would work in the later mirror tech. I know it didn't work in the first version. You would simply see that house-of-mirrors effect, like when you could see into more than one room-above-room. Speaking of mirror tech, have you seen the real mirror-in-mirror working in Mundfish's Atomic Heart? Wow, the tech today is just incredible!

Here's a photo of me, taken just an hour or so ago, for any doubters who think that I'm just a troll :) I'm holding a can of Duke Nukem beer… a very rare and difficult thing to own.

@Telma In the first version of mirror tech, you would only see that house-of-mirrors jittering, like when you could see into two rooms of a room-over-room. I was just asking Allen Blum III about mirror tech, and he says they upgraded it to more realistic mirrors. That was after I left 3D Realms, though.
I agree completely, oYASo! I still remember the night, like 2am, when Todd Replogle and Ken Silverman came out of their room to show Allen and me. We flipped out, too :)
I have two also :) I don't want to open them, or even one. Они самые крутые!
jakobz Mirrors were not using portals. I mean, you couldn't jump into a mirror. Neither did room-above-room. You could jump into those, of course, but they were not portals, either. This trick was merely an unplanned feature of Ken's engine building geometry. It didn't know or care about 3D spaces being in the same «area», like the real world. As long as you couldn't see more than one «area» at a time, everything was okay with the math. Remember Tier Drops? Four rooms, all in the same space. There could have been many more, as long as you couldn't see more than one at a time. Something very, very cool about this. Like when physicists talk about more than 4 dimension, and multiple universes occupying the same space.
creker, this was in 1995!!! Were you even born then? Just joking :) It was a big thing back then. I don't remember any other sprite-based game doing that then. The above-and-below-water «tech» was a cool trick, too… 25 years ago!
Большое спасибо, ncr!
No probleml, spamas! Again, thanks for taking the time to join in and the book recommendation :)
I have been to Saint Pete before a few times. Beautiful, beautiful city! Thank you for the nice words :)


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