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Raise3D Announced an FDM 3D Printer That Works with Carbon-Filled Polymers

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Raise3D is preparing to receive pre-orders for E2CF — a version of its desktop additive system E2 that is able to print using carbon-fiber-reinforced polymers. The device is optimized for working with carbon-filled filaments. 

Previously, Raise3D was primarily known for its large-format series such as the Raise3D Pro2 Plus (build volume: 305 x 305 x 605 mm), but the manufacturer is certainly planning to expand in the industrial segment with their focus on engineering-grade materials.

The new system keeps the IDEX kinematics of its predecessor that involves independent positioning of two print heads across the X axis. It features a removable flexible print plate, a save and resume function, door sensors and a power-saving mode. The new technologies include a more powerful double-gear extrusion system. Metal parts of the system are now made from hardened steel which makes them more wear-resistant especially when working with highly abrasive composite filaments. With a new wear-resistant nozzle the system can work with proprietary polyamide carbon-filled filament named Raise3D Industrial PA12 CF for at least 1,000 hours without replacing the parts.

Replaceable dry boxes are offered for storing filament spools. It’s a measure to prevent high absorption that is often the case with nylon and carbon-filled filaments. The dry boxes should be installed on a machine before 3D printing and will feed the filament directly during the process.

Automatic leveling is done using an optical sensor that provides high accuracy when setting the nozzle height. It results in a high-quality first layer and improved adhesion between the material and print bed.

Along with the E2CF, aforementioned carbon-filled polyamide filament Raise3D Industrial PA12 CF will also be released, as well as a specialized support material. The properties of the PA12CF composite materials are as follows: density = 1.04 g/cm3, Young’s modulus = 3.3 GPa, tensile strength = 72 MPa, impact strength = 12.5 kJ/m2. According to the manufacturer, the composite filament will produce lightweight and durable functional parts with high mechanical properties and good surfaces that will require minimal post-processing or none at all. The catalog of compatible composite filaments will grow.

The E2CF 3D printer will be released in Q4 2021 but the exact date remains unknown. Pre-orders will start a few weeks ahead of shipments. The new additive manufacturing system will be shown at the Rapid+TCT event that will take place on September 13th to 15th 2021 in Chicago, at the TCT event that will take place on September 28th to 30th 2021 in Birmingham, and Formnext on November 16th to 19th 2021 in Frankfurt. MSRP is expected to be €3,999 for European countries and $4,499 for the rest of the world but this could change before launch.

Detailed information about Raise3D offers is available at the official website.

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