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Android 11: What to Expect From the Latest Android Update?

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The latest Android 10 update has already created a stir in the Android circuit. However, tech enthusiasts around the world are waiting for the latest addition in Android's operating system.

Yes, you heard it right, I am talking about the Android 11 update, the latest upgrade in the Android’s operating system.

The update has been expected to hit the floors in the official reveal of Android 11 in mid-2020, at Google IO 2020 which will run May 12-14, before being released for Pixel devices in the month of September, and then it will be rolled out for other Android devices from late 2020 through well into 2021.

You must have seen that Android 10 has given us a handful of features to make a visually rich and splendid app, but the Android users are expecting few tweaks in the current functionality while expecting a host of new features in the latest Android build.

What you can expect from Android 11?

Here’s a list of expected features, which you can expect to see in the latest Android’s operating system:

1. More Battery Options:

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Google already offers Dose and a battery save mode for Android users to extract the most out of their mobile phones.

But Google’s Pixel 4 mediocre endurance shows that even battery saver isn’t enough in some situations. So putting that in mind, it would be great if Android 11 offers more battery modes, such as a Samsung-style Ultra Power Saving mode.

Luckily, this feature might be coming to Pixel phones after hints of it appeared online. Now, it is about bringing it to Android phones at large.

2. More Screenshots Options:

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Android is big on missout the scrolling screenshot option which lets you take the screenshot of the entire web page and conversation thread.

It has been there for most of the Android’s phones out there but however Android users have been expecting this feature to go on floors in full-fledged mode.

Assimilating the scrolling screenshot feature is another feature that users are expecting to see in Android 11 i.e the partial screenshot option.

A perfect example has been shown in Realme UI that offers a rather cool take on this and lets you tap and hold three fingers on the screen to summon a selection box. Simply you can adjust the box to highlight what you’d like saved and you’ve got a partial screenshot — no need to visit a separate editing menu.

Google has already confirmed the scrolling screenshot feature, however, users wish to see the partial screenshot functionality to Android’s 11 wishlists too.

3. Gaming Mode:

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In the midst of the gaming sensation PubG, which has more than 1 Million subscribers has hooked on the gaming freaks operating Android or iOS operating systems.

With the growing affinity of gaming in mobile phones, Samsung has launched its own gaming zone along with some useful tools, which allows users to have their own dedicated gaming zones.

It would be great if Google can bring a gaming mode to Android 11 or later as well, giving you the ability to seamlessly tweak the display resolution/frame-rate, an option to automatically disable notifications, and quick capture functionality.

4. More Privacy Features

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With Android 10, we have already seen overhauled privacy features which include revised permissions and a dedicated privacy section in the settings menu.

With the onset of Android 11, Android users are expectant of some more advanced privacy features. The company can take reference from Oppo and RealMe Personal Information Protection feature.

This essentially feeds blank data for the apps that request things like contact lists, call logs, calendar entries, and message access.

It won’t make much difference for companies like Google to add a few more privacy-focused features. Google can take reference from niche competitor i.e Apple, which has a system option that strips metadata when sending images via AirDrop — it would be great if Google implements this as an option for all uploads.

5. A desktop mode

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Desktop mode is a feature that was first introduced in Android 10. However, it was kept under wraps till the official release. This is one of the features that most of the Android users would like to see in the upcoming Android 11 wishlist.

A desktop mode will always allow you to have a PC Style UI, when your phone is hooked on to a large screen. When you pair up with a keyboard and mouse, you’ve got a PC alternative of sorts when traveling or for office presentations.

6. Optimized Charging

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Android users have been waiting for an optimized charging solution as it was introduced in Asus with its Zenfone flagships back in 2018.

This will essentially use your past charging habits to adjust the current charging rate. This practice will ensure that your phone isn’t sitting at 100% for ages, resulting in slower battery degradation over time.

You must have seen this solution in Apple and Onelus phones but Android users have been waiting for this feature for their Android phones too. This way, other OEMs don’t have to do the legwork, and battery health across the board should be improved.

7. An Android Beam Replacement

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One of the best things about Apple’s iOS is the AirDrop feature, giving a seamless way to share local files with other devices.

Google’s Android used to have the Android Beam Solution, but it has been dropped by Google. Last year Android10 showed a preview for Fast Share/Nearby Sharing Solution, as a local sharing option using Bluetooth for the initial pairing process before switching to Wi-Fi to share.

Unfortunately, the final Android 10 release didn’t have this feature, so hopefully, this comes to Android 11.

In the end

So, these are the few amendments that you can expect to see in the latest operating system Android 11. However, there is no assurance that these features will go on the floor as expected.

Still, as an avid Android user, you must be expecting credible features to go on floors in the coming months. Keeping this notion, let’s wrap up the things here and expect the unexpected.

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