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Christmas is here and there is GNOME Desktop Environment extension to improve festive mood

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🎄 It's not snowing in my region, but I really like "true" winter holidays ambience and I'd like it to snow at least on my laptop. When I found there were no good existing solutions I made my own one using GJS and GNOME Extensions.

Not familiar with Linux and/or GNOME? Check out GNOME Project and Fedora OS websites.

Snowy is fun extension that:

  • Provides falling snowflakes on screen to improve your festive mood ☃️

  • Lightweight: There are no any "heavy" animations and styles so resource consumption is as minimal. You can also set limit of total snowflakes number on screen to prevent system lagging. Extension is written according to GNOME Extensions guidelines so it has all the known CPU/RAM consumption fixes.

  • Well documented: The extension has well-designed homepage with installation, building and configuration instructions.

  • Well configurable: There are settings for snowflakes icons (any characters supported by your system), size, rotation angle, falling duration (speed) and falling interval (rate), other settings are under development.

  • Has nice support: In addition to lightness, what means non-powerful PC support, Snowy works great with any (both vertical and horizontal) multi-monitor setup. New versions with bug fixes and support for new GNOME versions are released as soon as possible.

Here are extension's GitHub repository and homepage on GNOME Extensions.

P.S. There are many hidden apps on preview below, so it's not only Snowy consumes all that resources shown at the system monitor.

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