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React Custom Hook: useLongPress

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In this article series, we embark on a journey through the realm of custom React hooks, discovering their immense potential for elevating your development projects. Our focus today is on the "useLongPress" hook, one of the many carefully crafted hooks available in the collection of React custom hooks.

Github: https://github.com/sergeyleschev/react-custom-hooks

import useEventListener from "../useEventListener/useEventListener"
import useTimeout from "../useTimeout/useTimeout"
import useEffectOnce from "../useEffectOnce/useEffectOnce"

export default function useLongPress(ref, cb, { delay = 250 } = {}) {
    const { reset, clear } = useTimeout(cb, delay)
    useEventListener("mousedown", reset, ref.current)
    useEventListener("touchstart", reset, ref.current)
    useEventListener("mouseup", clear, ref.current)
    useEventListener("mouseleave", clear, ref.current)
    useEventListener("touchend", clear, ref.current)

One of the key advantages of useLongPress is its simplicity. By utilizing this hook, developers can easily define a long-press action on any element in their React application. With just a few lines of code, the hook takes care of handling the intricacies of tracking the long-press duration and triggering the associated callback function.

The useLongPress hook offers flexibility through customizable options. Developers can specify the desired delay for a long press, allowing them to fine-tune the duration required for an action to be triggered. Additionally, the hook intelligently integrates with other custom hooks like useTimeout, useEventListener, and useEffectOnce, enhancing code reusability and maintainability.

import { useRef } from "react"
import useLongPress from "./useLongPress"

export default function LongPressComponent() {
    const elementRef = useRef()
    useLongPress(elementRef, () => alert("Long Press"))
    return (
                backgroundColor: "red",
                width: "100px",
                height: "100px",
                position: "absolute",
                top: "calc(50% - 50px)",
                left: "calc(50% - 50px)",

The applications for useLongPress are wide-ranging. Whether you're developing a touch-sensitive UI, implementing context menus, or creating custom gestures, this hook proves to be a valuable tool. From mobile applications to complex web interfaces, useLongPress provides an elegant solution for incorporating long-press interactions that elevate user engagement and improve overall usability.

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