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Marketing your Mindset

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Information shared below is exactly how I work with my IT professionals who are going to be participating in pre-sales to America. I tell them exactly this, and it helps prepare them to successfully sell to the United States companies.

As developers and IT companies, we must sell our software.

What can give you an edge in this very competitive market place?

Please, if you would allow me let me explain why this is important and how this can make your company more successful. There’s a certain type of thinking that is conducive to working as a software developer. This is a very practical mindset, but it goes beyond that. If you have the mindset of direct thinking.

Here are examples:

I see the target a target and I don’t see obstacles

Вижу цель, не вижу препятствий

This is an example of the practical mindset, how is approaches the problem of development. It makes people who have this mindset, the best developers in the world.

Example of mindset:

Problem……………… find a solution………… No problem.

Notice how this looks exactly like a line of code?

This is well-known around the world in places where you would like to sell your software, the United States, Germany, Belgium, and the Middle East.

Countries where people have this mindset have the best developers.

now let’s talk about your competition:

Americans: during the center process, “find a solution” Americans are overly concerned about responsibility. This slows them down in the decision making process.

asian countries: their decision process is in a circular manner. This definitely presents challenges when you’re trying to be a developer.

I used to work for Google. At google they want a developer who will push for the completion of the project. Who likes to code even as a hobby.

Other countries: if their thinking process is not in a straight line like above, it is difficult for them to learn to write successful code.

Problem…………. Find a solution………… no problem

This thinking of people in Eastern Europe is very powerful, because it allows you to think directly and find the most practical, elegant solution.

This is marketable!

Once you understand this, that you possess something special you can sell your development.

In the rest of the world this skill is sought after.

And there’s one more very important component.

Selling to the west, you must have confidence in your professionalism. This is what it’s all about when talking in a presale meeting. Don’t under sell yourself. But show yourself as the best highest professional.

You see now why, knowing that a certain mindset makes you a very good developer, and that you are valued in other countries, this is very important.

I sincerely hope that this will help you as a developer and your company be more successful, selling to the western market.

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