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Massivit 3D Showcases Hybrid 3D Printer for Casting Tool Production

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The Israeli company Massivit 3D is taking pre-orders for Massivit 10000 hybrid systems that combine resin 3D printing with epoxy casting.

The new additive casting machines are focused on increasing productivity in the forming tool industry. Massivit 10000 3D printers can quickly produce epoxy molds for the production of composite parts. The process is based on 3D printing of water-soluble formwork using extrusion dies that apply photopolymer gels, with immediate UV exposure. As the formwork is built, a fast-curing epoxy is poured into the cavity. At the end of the process, the formwork is washed off; if necessary, the mold is manually processed.

The main advantages of the new hybrid technology called Cast-In-Motion (CIM) are the reduction of production steps from nineteen to four (3D printing, pouring, formwork removal, post-processing), saving time and human resources by virtue of a high degree of automation, and the minimization of waste.

The technology allows the use of thermosetting plastics with a high thermal deformation temperature and a low coefficient of thermal expansion. The build area of the Massivit 10000 reaches 1.2 x 1.5 x 1.65 meters, enabling the manufacture of large-sized equipment, for example, for the production of car seats, hydrofoil casings, or fairings for unmanned aerial vehicles, as is shown in the pictures.

“This market is hungry for innovation that will shift the paradigm for molding so that manufacturers can finally expedite their lead times from several weeks down to just a few days. By automating the mold production process, we’re able to offer manufacturers a way to dramatically cut their costs and reduce the associated material waste. The snowballing demand for this digital molding solution is testament to the dire need for this technological milestone”, commented Erez Zimerman, CEO at Massivit.

The new system is being displayed at the CAMX 2021 expo in Dallas, Texas. Deliveries will begin soon although the exact date has not yet been announced. And if you are interested in just printing large prototypes, you might consider equipment like the Modix Big-Meter 3D printer.




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