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Simple complex programming

Level of difficultyMedium
Reading time5 min

I always pay attention to assessing the complexity of programming in a particular language. Programming is indeed not an easy task and this is perceived as a fact and usually does not require any confirmation.

But the concept of “complexity” is akin to the term “heap”. For some, five coconuts is not so much, but for someone who ate one and “didn’t want any more,” this means that even one coconut will be too much for him.

The same goes for the complexity of programs. It seems that the constant increase in the complexity of programs is obvious to everyone and is observed in all areas of application of IT technologies, and programming languages themselves become more and more complex as they develop, but assessing “complexity” using numerical metrics is a problem. obviously a thankless task, but also “You can’t manage what you can’t measure...”

Typically, talk of “complexity” only implies value judgments without any numerical evaluation. And since I am personally interested in the issue of the complexity of programming languages, I decided to calculate the complexity of implementing the gcc compiler on some conditional “parrots”. What if we could see some patterns of difficulty changing over time?

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Technical Game Design. Configs, balance and content in the example of PC strategy

Level of difficultyMedium
Reading time13 min

One of the common tasks that both beginners and experienced game designers face is describing a large amount of content to pass its parameters to the engine. This is not an easy task, given that it is very difficult to find materials on the technical aspects of game design. Well, let’s figure out how to transfer data to the engine.

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How the Carla car simulator helped us level up the static analysis of Unreal Engine 4 projects

Reading time17 min

One of the mechanisms of static analysis is method annotations of popular libraries. Annotations provide more information about functions during errors detecting. CARLA is an impressive open-source project in C++ that helped us implement this mechanism to our analyzer. Subsequently, the simulator became a test-target for the improved PVS-Studio static analyzer.


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IncrediBuild: How to Speed up Your Project's Build and Analysis

Reading time7 min

"How much longer are you going to build it?" - a phrase that every developer has uttered at least once in the middle of the night. Yes, a build can be long and there is no escaping it. One does not simply redistribute the whole thing among 100+ cores, instead of some pathetic 8-12 ones. Or is it possible?

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How static code analysis helps in the GameDev industry

Reading time7 min

The gaming industry is constantly evolving and is developing faster than a speeding bullet. Along with the growth of the industry, the complexity of development also increases: the code base is getting larger and the number of bugs is growing as well. Therefore, modern game projects need to pay special attention to the code quality. Today we will cover one of the ways to make your code more decent, which is static analysis, as well as how PVS-Studio in practice helps in the game project development of various sizes.
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PVS-Studio Usage when Checking Unreal Engine Projects on the Windows OS

Reading time10 min

Picture 2

This article focuses on the specifics of checking Unreal Engine projects with the PVS-Studio static analyser on the Windows operating system: how to install the analyser, check a project, where and how to view an error report.
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