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Hack Your XiaoMi Vacuum Cleaner

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Laziness moves the world. And today we have more and more robotic vacuum cleaners that are saving our time for something more pleasant than just vacuuming.

The robots were marketed as internet/Bluetooth/smartphone connected devices with a speaker and camera to report and explore the environment. They also have different sensors to dodge barriers and such. But that’s only some ordinary stuff everyone knows about the robotic vacuum cleaners.
But the most interesting thing about them is their software. The owners can reprogram these devices and implement different settings as well as voice acting that has a huge number of options, including funny ones. And all you need to “upgrade” your vacuum cleaner is a PC, an internet connection, and a smartphone:

  • Install the custom “Mi Home” application. If your smartphone has this program already – you need to remove it and replace it with the custom version;
  • Register, choose the Chinese region and synchronize the vacuum cleaner with your smartphone;
  • Go to the tab with a vacuum cleaner;
  • Click on the three dots in the upper right corner and select “General Settings”;
  • Click “save " Information about networks”;
  • Remember the two parameters: the IP address and the token;
  • Look for the MIROBOT_TOOL.rar archive and download it to your computer;
  • Open it and select files «win-mirobo” with permissions “.ini”, and “.bat”;


  • Open the “.ini” file and replace the IP and token with the ones we got in the “Mi home» application”;
  • Save, exit the file and put the vacuum cleaner on the charging station (minimum — 20%);
  • Run the “.bat” file. Agree with all requests and wait for the console to finish loading;
  • Write “1” and click “Enter” in the console;
  • Repeat the previous step;


Wait till the end of the firmware process Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum;


  • Adding your language;
  • Run the file “win-mirobo” with the extension “.bat”;
  • Enter “2” and press “Enter”;
  • Enter the number of one of the language packs, click “Enter”;


  • You can listen to the voice options in the «voicepacks” folder. After the firmware is finished, the vacuum cleaner will speak the selected language.

Enjoy your new friend in the new voice acting! Thanks for reading!
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