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I think this post violates the rule «Here is a list of what you should not do on the resource: Product placement under the table»:
«We highly recommend to use corporate blogs and «I’m advertising» hub to attract attention to your projects, companies, commercial products, services, and events. Product placement outside of these sections will lead to account rank reducing.

The exception to the rule applies in case the author of the post mentions the position in the company (without a link to the corporate website), contact details (including the links to personal accounts in social networks), and personal blogs on major media resources (LJ, Medium, etc.). It is allowed to mention youtube channels, chatrooms and groups in social networks that do not bear the name of the project, company, product, service or event.»

Habr is not LinkedIn, you shouldn't just advertise companies without any info about these companies. You didn't describe the companies in any way except general marketing summary.

I can't tell if company is actually worth applying to after reading your post. There are no useful insights, only general info I could find in under 5 minutes using google.
Hello! Thank you for reading my post and sharing your personal opinion.
I only created a list of companies, relying on respectable sources. I am not forcing anyone and I am not trying to advertise any company. I didn't include any companys' logos and such in my post.
«It is allowed to mention youtube channels» I can do that! But this will only lead to a company's self-presentation. Which is also not very appropriate.
And also, no one can actually say if a company worth applying to even after you call them!
I probably didn't describe companies in a way you would like to see it.
And the info you called «general» might be the most important to someone else. Especially, hourly rate or min. project size. Because what's the point of considering any company if its hourly rate is too high for you, for example?
I gathered all the information in a 5 min read post! And I put an effort.
My pure intention was to help someone, not to advertise!
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