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Top 10 App Development companies in 2021

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The year 2020 is coming to a close as getting nearer to 2021. The end of 2020 will be the end of a decade in which app development proliferated, and in which software technology reached greater heights.

But as years come by, the importance of apps is only going to increase even further people begin to use technologies such as IoT, chatbots, AI/ML software in their daily lives.

App development includes more than just mobile apps. It also includes development for applications for other types of devices, such as PC, tablets, wearables, etc. However, the growth of mobile apps alone gives great scope for running profitable businesses in this space.

As per research by iResearch, revenue from paid mobile app downloads and in-app advertising alone reached $581 billion dollars in 2020, and reach almost near the trillion-dollar mark by 2023.

So yes, the market and statistics point towards hefty benefits from app development provided that businesses invest it in today. But its easier said than done. What sets apart good apps from the best ones is who builds them. As a business leader or a CIO, you surely wouldn’t want a shoddy application to help customers reach your services, or to help make your business processes easier.

This is why it’s important to find the best among the list of app development companies to get the job done and deliver a bug-free, robust, scalable app that serves all your needs. As an independent IT Consultant, I’ve worked with quite a lot of app development companies, so I know which are the best in the business today.

After combining my experience with some common sense, I’ve come up with a list of the top app development companies you should be working in 2021. And here they are:

Top Mobile App Development Companies in 2021

  • ValueCoders(One of the Best App Development Companies in India and USA )


Founded: 2004
Location(s): India, USA, Australia, UAE, Singapore, UK
Employees: 250-500
Services offered: Mobile App development, Web Development, IoT Development, AI/ML Solutions, Blockchain development, Dedicated development Teams, IT Staff Augmentation.

ValueCoders is one of the best offshore IT Outsourcing and app development companies based in India. The company has over 15 years of expertise and is well-renowned for its excellent 97% client retention rate. ValueCoders has skilled developers working on emerging technologies such as AI/ML, blockchain, IoT, cloud applications, and AR/VR.


Founded: 2003
Location(s): Argentina, Peru
Employees: 250-999
Services offered: Software development, mobile app development, software architecture, Automation Testing, Blockchain development, AI/ML Solutions, Cloud management services, Chatbots and virtual assistants, Robotic Process Automation.

Belatrix Software is among Latin America’s pioneer in agile innovation and app development. The company applies the Nearshore model and helps businesses reach their business goals faster, by developing high-quality innovative software, QA testing, mobility solutions and also assists you if you need seo company to better your applications. The company’s clients include both Fortune level companies and emerging venture-backed startups and firms.

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  • iFlexion(Most Entrusted Name in Mobile App Development Companies in USA.)


Founded: 1999
Location: USA
Employees: 250-999
Services offered:Enterprise software development, web development, mobile app development, application integration, application security, QA & Testing, Dedicated Development Teams

Iflexion helps companies across various industries optimize their business processes through custom software and app development solutions. With a team of 850+ IT professionals, Iflexion serves its customers worldwide regardless of their operation domain, geographical location and organizational specifics. Iflexion addresses the IT needs of companies of all scales and sizes, from startups to large enterprises.


Founded: 2009
Location(s): India, USA, UK
Employees: 100-150
Services offered: Mobile app development, Web app development, Web designing, UI/UX Design, PWA Development, eCommerce development, Blockchain, Artificial intelligence solutions, Augmented Reality app development, Dedicated Development Teams

Mtoag Technologies is a mobile app development company. They have a extensive history of designing and developing amazing experiences for iOS, Android, Web, IoT and Wearable App development.


Founded: 2003
Location(s): India, USA
Employees: 250-999
Services offered: Web development, mobile app development, dedicated development teams, IoT development, AR/VR Development, Chatbot development, AI/ML Solutions, Blockchain development services.

Hidden Brains Infotech is an Enterprise Software, App Development & IT Consulting Company committed to providing end-to-end IT services in Web, Mobile & Cloud platforms. The company’s deep industry expertise and forward-looking strategy help them leverage paradigm technology shifts in enterprise solutions and reimagine the potential of the intelligent enterprise.

With a progressive approach, The Hidden Brains InfoTech team constantly experiments innovative application development using emerging technologies such as Cloud, Chatbot, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Augmented & Virtual reality, Internet of Things and more.

  • Capital Numbers(Standing on 6th position Among The Top Mobile App Development companies in India and USA)


Founded: 2003
Location: India, USA
Employees: 250-999
Services offered: Web app development, mobile app development, eCommerce, Content Management, Chatbot development.

Capital Numbers is a D&B accredited, ISO 9001 & 27001 certified global app development solutions provider having 400+ in-house experts. The company’s clientele include the likes of Reuters, Conde Nast, University of Colorado, Credit Sesame, Grey Digital, along with a myriad of Small Businesses, Silicon Valley Founders, and Agencies worldwide.

  • Unified InfoTech(Most Recommended Mobile App Development Company in India and USA)


Founded: 2010
Location: USA, India
Employees: 50-249
Services offered: Web app development, Web designing, Mobile app development, UI/UX Design, PWA Development, eCommerce development, blockchain, artificial intelligence solutions

Unified Infotech is an Award Winning app development company working with global Enterprises, SMEs and forward-thinking Start-Ups as an end-to-end solution partner for custom software, web, and mobile apps. Through a combination of smart planning, design thinking approach, and the latest technologies, Unified InfoTech helps its clients accelerate their business efficiency.

  • EL Passion (The Best Place to Hire Developers Among List of App Development Companies )


Founded: 2011
Location: Poland
Employees: 50-249
Services offered: UI/UX Development, Web development, Mobile app development

EL Passion builds digital products for startups, established businesses and corporations worldwide, mainly in the United States and Europe. The company works with growing companies in Healthtech, Fintech and Business services industries.

EL Passion is an application development firm with extensive experience in building MVPs and end-to-end products, developing and designing Ruby on Rails Web Apps and feature-loaded iOS/Android Apps.

  • Umbrella IT(Result- Driven Mobile App Development Company in Russia, UAE)


Founded: 2009
Location(s): Russia, UAE
Employees: 50-249
Services offered: Dedicated development teams, UX Development, Digital Research, Mobile app development, Web development, QA, DevOps.

Umbrella IT is one of the most trusted app development companies that provides experienced and expert developers to work on your app development projects. The company has 150+ soft-skilled professionals suitable for collaborating with any firm across the globe. Umbrella IT has completed 200+ projects and its staff is growing at a rapid annual rate of 40 percent.

  • Dunice(Last but not the least In the List of Best Mobile App Development Companies)


Founded: 2012
Location: Russia
Employees: 50-249
Services offered: Mobile app development, Web development, QA & Testing, UI/UX Design.

Dunice has more than 6 years of market experience and over 270 successfully completed app development projects. The company helps businesses to increase the influx of customers and their profits by developing web & mobile applications, websites and web services. Dunice employs a team of highly-skilled web & mobile developers, QA engineers, and designers. The technologies used by the firm include Javascript and Node.js, Python and PHP, Ruby On Rails, among other emerging languages.

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