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Which Ruby on Rails Development Tools Suit your Project: Top Ruby on Rails Gems for 2020

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Ruby on Rails is considered as one of the greatest frameworks for web development.

And еhere's a reason for that. Rails framework has a clear and standardized syntax, great community and lots of libraries and tools.

What are ‘Gems’ in Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails gems are tools and libraries created inside the RoR community by Rails developers. These gems help developers to implement various features with less code and time.

The greatest thing about the RoR gems is that all the tools and libraries are absolutely free for commercial use: the only thing you need to do is to find a suitable solution. The widest selection of Ruby gems designed for both routine and highly specialized tasks is stored in the github.com and rubygems.org repositories.

The interesting point is that the whole Ruby on Rails community is open and active, so we have more and more new gems created with each day. What are the most trending Rails gems in 2020? We’ll talk about them below.

Top Ruby on Rails Gems for 2020

So many projects, so many gems. Ruby on Rails framework can be used for a wide variety of projects, but almost whatever you are working on, Rails has a ready-made solution for it.
We, in turn, will tell you about TOP most universal gems for web development.

1. Devise

A tool for authentication. Devise is a functioning Ruby gem dedicated to easier set up of Facebook and Twitter login buttons in under twelve lines of code.

Devise is convenient to use as:
This is a complete model-view-controller gem with a base of RoR engines
It is built upon a modularity concept which means you can use only the elements you need
This gem allows you to sign in multiple models at a time

2. Brakeman

This is a static analysis open-source security vulnerability scanner. Brakeman was specifically designed for Ruby on Rails applications. It statically analyzes RoR applications to improve security during the whole development process. Once the report is done, this tool will send you a report with all the security issues that it has found.

3. ActiveRecord-import

This gem helps to reduce the conversion time. ActiveRecord-import is a great tool for tasks that involve importing external data.

  • This gem will help you with such high-level features as:
  • Faster perform validations
  • Working with raw columns
  • Working with arrays of values
  • Duplicating key updates performance

4. Pry

Not just a gem, but a set of gems! Pry (Pry-Rails, Pry-Byebug, Pry-Remote) allows you to debug your code without effort. This gem provides developers with a list of additional features like source code browsing, syntax highlighting, live help system and a wide range of plugins providing remote sessions and full debugging functionality.


This gem is dedicated to better views. Haml helps to makу your code simple, beautiful and easy-to-read.

HAML’s indent based syntax structure disposes of end labels and gives an increasingly compact method for characterizing HTML and deciphering installed ruby code.

6. CanCan

CanCan is a tool that provides easier authorization, as it defines and obtains client permissions. CanCan filters the resources and cuts off resources that are not allowed for the user’s access.

In simple terms, this Rails gem makes it extremely easy to approve controller activities and handle approval exemptions.

7. Hobo

If you are using Ruby on Rails to come up with internal utilities and any throwaway prototypes so as to develop complete web apps, then you should go for Hobo. This is nothing but a collection of plugins or open-source gems to help you with development.

The main aim behind using this gem is to have less code to write. With this RoR gem, you may even feel you are not writing anything at all rather taking some efforts to declare what you want.

8. InstantRails

No one can argue that it’s excellent to have all the web development technologies in one package. This tool consists of the built-in Ruby, Rails, Apache and MySQL. Everything is pre-installed and ready to go: drop it into the directory of your choice and run it. Just make sure everything is working properly for quick application development.

We have just reviewed the TOP Ruby on Rails for 2020. Using gems can make your project development faster, safer and easier. Try using these RoR gems, but do not cling to them only: there are more and more new tools appearing inside the community and we recommend you to check out the Rails repositories from time to time.
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