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Augmented Reality: A perfect vehicle for 21st-century education

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With the advancements in technology, new ways are being explored and introduced to make teaching and learning more productive. This has taken the e-learning industry to new heights. It has been expected that the global e-learning market revenue will reach $300 billion by 2025.

It is evident through these statistical findings that learning has not been restricted to conventional ways. The dependency on classroom sessions has decreased due to the implementation of innovative methods of teaching.

The blended learning programs have reshaped the knowledge parting exercise. If you have a child, you must have already welcomed the e-learning trends in your life. Flourishing technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality have started entering the education industry.

The growing adoption of augmented reality is a reason behind its steady entrance in the education and e-learning industry. According to the findings of Statista, the augmented reality global market size will reach $198 billion by 2025. Below is the graphical representation of the same.

This clearly depicts the increasing adoption of AR technology all over the globe. The popularity is such that 9 out of every 10 brands plan to use AR in their campaigns. Despite the omnipresence of AR technology people get confused about its actual meaning.

The most important thing to clear out here is, AR is not the same as virtual reality. Augmented reality plays with reality but does not add anything. Like, when you use the IKEA app, you can check how a sofa will look at your place.

There are millions of AR apps for the education and e-learning industry which have been gaining immense popularity. They have become an easy and successful option to establish a market in education and e-learning services.

This is because AR has the ability to provide an engaging and immersive real-time learning experience to users. It enhances the learning power by stimulating thoughts among students. Here are a few things which AR provides to education and e-learning activities:

Interactive objects that stimulate

Stimulations through interactive objects can be highly immersive if you know the right way of doing it. Adding links to an e-learning content which will seem like the usual audio or video link. When the learner will click on those links, they will be surprised to find an interactive object. This leaves a lasting impact on the minds and helps them grasp the concepts easily.

Immersive stories

There is no other way better than Storytelling to inject certain concepts into the minds of the users. When these stories become immersive with the help of interactive elements, you get unbelievable results.

AR fictional books are using this technology to immerse readers into the fictional environment. Making them the protagonists in these fictional stories amplifies the emotional connection with the story.

3D learning models

These are the most used and effective ways in which augmented reality is used in e-learning and education industry. The three-dimensional models allow learners to view the object from all angles.

This could be anything related to the subject. For example, if you get a model developed about the digestive system. No matter how much you will teach them through pictures or words, the three-dimensional model will have a lasting impact on their minds.

A clickable 3D item can also be used to describe every part of the model or diagram in detail which is not possible in a picture. Augmented reality has the potential to manipulate three-dimensional models that are well-exploited in the e-learning and education industry.

Group interaction

How good is it to have classroom lessons online with the help of augmented reality? These can also be used to have a group conversation among pupils. This enhances the learning experience of students.

The virtual meeting space will improve the idea sharing and conversation skills of the learners. In order to make this activity more interactive, learners can use mobile phones and smart glasses.

Reading such ideas is always attractive for entrepreneurs but only a few of them are able to make them lucrative. Effective implementation of augmented reality in your e-learning and education modules is more crucial than planning.

There are many examples of successful AR apps in the education and e-learning industry. Let’s discuss a few of them to get an idea about how to implement these ideas for AR use in the education and e-learning industry.


I shared the idea of using interactive objects while teaching students and using them to create immersive stories. Chromville is a coloring app that has adopted this idea pretty well. As soon as the child colors a figure, it comes to life.

The colored figures turn into interactive objects with the help of augmented reality technology. This makes learning a fun-loving activity and helps students in grasping the concept quite easily.

Earth AR

It is available to students for free. This app is meant to provide information about the geography of Earth. The movement of your device will allow the rotation of Earth. A 6-axis motion sensing is provided by an accelerometer and Gyroscope.

When I first used this app, I got glued for around an hour. So, it has the potential to make people addicted to it. This app provides cube mapping, normal mapping, and reflection mapping.

Zoo AR

Interactive objects have been used impeccably in this app. Download this app and meet a thousand animals. The animals can come to life either by taking their print out or viewing them from another device.

The 3D view of the animals and insects is quite fascinating for children and helps them learn the features of different creatures easily.

4D Anatomy

All apps that allow you to see the inside of a human body effectively. In this app, you need to get a model printed on a paper. Keep the camera on the printed page or directly on your smartphone.

The 4D model will appear which can zoom in and zoom out to get into the details. It is one of the best apps to study biology in an easy and speedy way. Moreover, the depth of knowledge you will gain is not possible to attain through the usual pictorial representation.

Science AR

This app is widely used in schools. This app requires print outs of science posters. Keep your smartphone camera above these posters and you can see the posters coming alive into 3D models. It is a helpful and interesting way of learning science.

How will you get an AR education app?

I have shared the ways of implementing Augmented Reality to your app and the examples of apps that have successfully implemented AR. This technology has immense scope in the education and e-learning industry. In fact, AR has revolutionized this industry for a better learning experience.

The power of augmented reality can be used to enhance the efficiency of learning activity incredibly. If you want to get an augmented reality enabled education application then you can contact a company providing education & e-learning development services.
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