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How 5G's Acceleration will move through the Mobile App Development Space?

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5G ( Fifth Generation Wireless Cellular Network) is not just a possibility anymore. The forthcoming of 2020 has unfold avenues for 5G browser capabilities in smartphones.

With the recent 5G rollout, it has been predicted that over 1.4 billion devices will be running on the 5G network by 2025 — accounting for 15% of the global total.

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5G is expected to contribute $12.3 trillion of global economic output by 2035.

These statistics give mobile app developers a clear insight into the future of 5G, enticing them to develop their next mobile app with 5G possibilities in mind.

Since 5G is not a modified version of 4G, but is a technology paradigm shift that will not only have a huge impact on wireless communication but will also change the world of mobile apps forever.

If 5G is the successor for 4G, then how 5G is different from 4G?

Speed is just not the notable thing when you think about 5G, there is a far-fetched difference between 5G and 4G compatibility. Some other notable benefits of 5G over 4G which mobile applications development companies in India should look after:

1.Low to Zero Latency

As compared to 4G, which has an average latency of 50 milliseconds, 5G on the other hand literally cuts down the latency to just one millisecond, leading to less network interference and delays.

No need to say that the lower latency rate will prove quite handy for AR/VR based mobile apps.

2. Increased Connection Density

Let’s talk about the connection density request in terms of 4G and 5G browser capabilities. 4G allows the connection for upto 2,000 devices on the other the 5G supports the connectivity of upto 1 million devices, a great advantage for IoT mobile application developers.

3. Improved Precision

Using higher radio frequencies ( in 30 GHz to 300 GHz range) and shorter wavelengths than those used by 4G. 5G ships with better precision capabilities that will prove extremely useful for high-precision GPS enabled mobile apps.

4.Enhanced Battery Life

Increased speed and reduced latency leads to lower battery consumption. Consequently, 5G will extend the battery life of mobile and IoT devices by upto 10 times which means that the users will be able to use mobile apps for a longer period of time that will eventually have an impact on mobile app developers and mobile application development companies.

What will be the impact of 5G on Mobile App Development?

With the release of 5G connectivity, mobile apps will start to function more efficiently and smoothly, which will eventually boost the overall productivity of both mobile app users and developers.

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1. Faster File Transfer

There are many mobile apps that revolves around the transfer of files, money, data or anything transferable from one device account from another. 5G will prove to be a boon for such mobile apps through the fastest file transfer.

As a result, mobile app users will be able to stream 4K and 360 degree videos from their smartphones without any lag.

2. The next-level Media Rich Experiences

One of the greatest benefits of 5G technology is the User Interface which takes the mobile application experience to another level. Undoubtedly, 5G network will encourage mobile app developers to elevate mobile app’s UI to a huge extent.

3. Greater Capacities and More Features

With rocket-like speed and ultra-low latency, mobile app developers will have the option to incorporate more features and capacities to IoT, virtual and augmented reality apps which will lead to exceptional and powerful user experiences.

This will not only help mobile app developers increase user retention bt will also play a vital role in increasing the overall app avenues.

4. The Rise of Navigational Mobile Apps

High-quality, uninterrupted communication will open up a new world of opportunities for the development of navigational apps.

For instance, mobile app developers will be able to build a mobile app containing all the popular historical places from different countries as well as offering a bunch of unique features to users.

5. Use of 3D Models

The rollout of 5G in 3D gaming and immersive augmented reality will get a great boost.

The use of 5G enabled apps with cutting-edge 3D printers will allow users to create top notch quality 3D models of objects. Such mobile apps will be used in diverse sectors, spanning from construction to education.

6. The New Generation of Personalised Chatbots

Although, chatbots are not fully ready to replace humans yet, thus the synergy of 5G and chatbots will create better opportunities for real-time prompt feedback.

Likewise, the appearance of 5G could even prompt the beginning of Tactile Internet where clients can control and get haptic input from driving edge machines.

7. Less Reliance on Hardware

5G means blazing fast real-time communication between devices, where millions of mb data can be transmitted without any delay. Consequently, the performance of the mobile app will be less dependant on the processing power of the hardware of the mobile devices because data centres will be doing all the processing.

What are the proven ways to prepare your Mobile App for the 5G Revolution?

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Mobile App Development in India is always on the lookout for innovating technologies that can be look forward every year. Now, that you have got familiar with 5G, let’s take a closer look at things that mobile app developers can incorporate into their applications to make the most of the 5G network.

1. Ambient Computing

It is all about delivering users digital experiences that involve the surrounding environment and conditions with the ability to facilitate and measure to machines, devices, sensors, and technologies such as AL, ML, and IoT.

Thanks to the capabilities of 5G, which makes the implementation of Ambient Computing through wireless network possible. Mobile App Developers can leverage this opportunity in their mobile apps to provide users with more reliable connectivity and wireless support.

2. Reliable Wireless Connectivity

Owing to the slow nature of current wireless technologies, mobile app developers today are required to work in waiting periods for their apps having a download process.

Many even suggest to execute the same process only over Wi-Fi, which can hinder the availability of the app.

However, with the release of 5G, mobile app developers can allow users to download and install substantial data packages over mobile networks too.

3. More Devices Connectivity

IoT is one of the most popular segments of the tech market today, mobile app developers can take advantage of smart home gadgets, wearable devices and sensors in their mobile applications to make them smarter and more capable of connecting with numerous devices.

4. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The birth of 5G will definitely bring a new life to AL and ML based apps that collect and analyze a massive quantity of data to make spontaneous decisions. With greater access to an open connection and reliable wireless support, mobile app developers will be able to empower their apps to turn analyzed results into the fly decisions more promptly.

5. Cloud-Technology Support

Many mobile apps and services are currently using Cloud Technology as ‘Software as a Service’ However due to patchy internet connections, this idea is not as rampant or accepted.

But, by harnessing the true power of Cloud technology through 5G, mobile app developers can build much faster and smarter cloud-hosted apps that will soon become everyone’s favorite.

6. Streaming VR Experiences

Nowadays, VR technologies are not only being adopted extensively on a consumer level but have also become a popular trend in mobile app technology stack.

Unfortunately, streaming support through VR is nearly impossible due to serious latency and bandwidth issues.

Eliminating all of these concerns, with the help of 5G, mobile app developers can make their apps ready to deliver truly virtual reality experiences to users.

7. Always on Connectivity

5G is more reliable and a battery efficient network than its predecessors, devices will be less likely to disconnect from the network. With this kind of always-on connectivity, mobile app developers can leverage the constant access for their mobile apps, providing users with a more advanced ambient connectivity.

Summing Up

5G technology will prove to be a game-changer in the mobile application development arena. Owing to its blazing fast speed, zero network latency, and higher bandwidth, it will open up a whole new world of possibilities for mobile application developers to improve their mobile application experience but will also emerge as a blessing for users in terms of user experience.

Is your business ready to switch to 5G? It’s time to start preparing your apps with 5G possibilities in mind so that you are not left behind in the race of 5G.

Hire mobile application developers to kickstart your mobile application development journey with 5G.
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