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The Complete List of Video Marketing Tools

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As of 2020, video marketing is, perhaps, the most popular and reliable way to advance via content marketing. Yes, useful articles, link exchanges, and advertising posts are still useful. However, video content is a much better way to sell your product to users. You can verify this by looking at the statistics, which suggests that in 2021 users will spend an average of 100 minutes a day watching a video. And if this is not enough for you, then polls suggest that about 48% of consumers prefer to learn about new products through video content.

Simply put, it will be clear to any marketer that it is stupid not to invest your time and resources in video marketing in 2020. However, do not look for Steven Spielberg’s number on the Internet so that he would create any video content for you. Fortunately, in parallel with the development of video marketing, the market of tools, which help marketers realize their plans, has also developed. In our article, we will talk about several main tools that are necessary for video marketing.


Filmora is one of the leaders in the video-editing segment. The toolkit of the application allows you to perform the most basic work when editing video. Using it, you can edit, add effects, change the characteristics of the video such as brightness contrast or playback speed.

In addition, Filmora stores a large collection of musical compositions that you can add to your video, as well as many filters. To work with the tool, just upload your file in the app. The application attracts users with its interface and a wide range of features.

Filmora runs on Windows and macOS and is also available for mobile applications under the most popular operating systems.


Taketones.com is a popular online library that stores a huge amount of the most diverse royalty-free music. Royalty-free means that you will need to pay for the purchased music only once, without connecting yourself with the copyright holders or the authors of the content.

Such cooperation is achieved through the presence of 5 convenient licenses, including Creative Commons one, under which music is sold. Taketones is a great place to find the right music for your video of any kind, be it a short film or a commercial.

The site has a pleasant and user-friendly interface, as well as an extremely extensive search system so that you can configure your request with maximum accuracy.


Starting from 2006, in 2020 Wistia has become one of the most convenient tools for analyzing the effectiveness of your videos. Now you will understand what we mean.

Wistia's unique code allows you to analyze exactly how users interacted with your video — where they clicked, where they watched, when and how often they stopped the video, and so on. Whether they reviewed it or rewound it forward or backward — this information can also be obtained in Wistia.

In addition, you can use the application for lead generation, due to the fact that you can insert call-to-action in your videos and save the leads in a special and unique database.

The only nuance when working with Wistia is that the application does not work with third-party videos, that is, your video content must be created directly via the application. The starting bonus includes the ability to create 25 videos for free, and then the cost of the application will be $25 per month.


We talked about editing video, analysis and adding music, it's time to talk about how to promote this video. Promolta is a unique and extremely easy-to-use service that helps show your video to those people who need to see it.

The principle of the application is extremely simple. Promolta works with YouTube. All you need to do is take the existing video from your YouTube channel and add it to the Promolta database. Further, the application will scatter this video on its base consisting of more than 8,000 sites, blogs, channels on social networks and so on. We are talking about truly proven resources, no cheating views, and only high-quality cooperation.

The true essence of the app is to convert all your efforts on creating the video-content in quality leads.


We discussed almost all aspects of working in video marketing but nearly forgot the most important one — creating the video. Yes, the fact is that in video marketing, shooting quality videos in the studio is not always necessary. Animated videos that explain the features of a new product or introduce users to the goods are usually enough.

Vyond is one of the best applications for creating such animated videos that will cover more than 90% of digital business needs. Application is a repository of various video elements, such as characters, backgrounds, templates, and effects. At the same time, all these elements are animated and not static. Vyond's user interface is extremely simple and convenient, so after 5 minutes of interaction with the app, you can fully understand it.

As a result, you get an effective and easy-to-use tool with which you can create a wonderful animated video in a fairly short period of time.

Summing Up

Video marketing is a rapidly growing and extremely interesting industry to work with. Without hesitation, you can understand that the main tasks that a video marketer faces at various stages of work are: 

  • Video creation

  • Video editing

  • Video Promotion 

  • Video Performance Analysis

 The above tools, with the reasonable use of specialists, cover all these tasks. Perhaps, even one specialist who knows how to interact with all of them and has a creative approach is enough for relatively small business As a result, such a person, together with these tools, will be able to cover the needs of a small company and to replace the whole department of specialists. And it is worth a lot.

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