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Revealed: 7 Top Web Development Companies & Trends for 2021

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As we enter a new decade, the IT industry has also encountered many loopholes that we must work on. Seeing this, hundreds of motivated young minds have decided to become entrepreneurs. But is it so easy to succeed in a world where competition is already so high?

Bluntly, the answer is NO. It is not easy to be successful, and the reason for these startups' failure is the lack of digital presence or inadequate technical support. Another major reason that has been seen is the wrong choice of the web development company.

Hiring dedicated web developers may seem like an easy task at first, but it is not. It is one of the most challenging tasks. And to prevent you from falling into the pits of failure, I have created a list of the 7 best web development companies in India and abroad.

Note: All these companies have been selected based on the following factors:

  • Rating of the company in Clutch and Good firms
  • Analysis based on Google search
  • Analyze the company's website and portfolio

PS: There is a Bonus List of Web development trends you can follow in 2021 and the years to come!

7 Top Web Development Companies:

1. Oxagile:


Based in New York, Oxagile is a software development company that specializes in custom web development. They are well known for enabling progressive companies to scale, transform, and gain a competitive advantage through expert delivery of innovative and personalized software solutions.

Whether you need an agile product-oriented team or a dedicated program management center, Oxagile can help you get either. They promise excellence across the entire value supply chain through a predictable development lifecycle, flexible resource scaling, and expert PMO governance.

The company has served more than 400 clients around the world.

2. Simform:


Simform is an organization with a vision and mission to help successful companies expand their technical capabilities. Founded 11 years ago, the company has helped organizations ranging from startups that went public to Fortune 500 companies and even WHO-backed NGOs by developing its digital aids.

The company has achieved more than 900 loyal clients worldwide thanks to its teams of expert consultants who help its clients choose the right technologies to invest in, decide the best architecture to follow, and oversee the successful delivery of their projects.

3. Iflexion:


Founded in 1999, Iflexion has been helping startups, SMEs, and organizations in web development. With a well-coordinated team of over 850 employees, the company is located in Denver, USA. It is well known for its deep experience in full-cycle custom web development, business engagement, and reliable communication with its customers and partners.

Iflexion's hard-working teams believe in shaping their technology knowledge through continuous hands-on experience in planning, managing, and conducting complex enterprise web developments.

4. AtomicObject:


Atomic Object develops web applications and custom websites for mobile and desktop devices. Its main goals are customer satisfaction, innovation and growth, and operational excellence by creating attractive, secure, and easy-to-use software products.

The company is a provider of custom web development services that helps companies innovate and grow with products created by their teams of experts. Atomic Object teams are involved in understanding the product their customers want.

5. TableXI:


Founded in 2002, Table XI is a trusted UX-based web design and development company creating custom software for its clients. With over 15 years of experience building personalized websites, mobile apps, and digital experiences, the company helps clients build a brand story while driving business growth and efficiency.

6. 7EDGE:


As 7EDGE has emerged as one of the leading custom web development companies, it is the right choice for startups and SMEs. The core strength of the company 7EDGE lies in the development of web and mobile applications using the latest emerging technologies.

Their attitude towards capturing new technologies in the market and their excellence in them has made them remain in the industry for the last 10 years, making them an integral part of more than 500 projects.

7. PixelCrayons:


Seen as one of the most versatile, stable, secure, and scalable web development companies, PixelCrayons has been in the IT industry for over 16 years. It is an organization that works on all the latest web development technologies on the market such as Python, Angular, OpenCart, Shopify, etc.

Based in Noida (India), PixelCrayons has worked with more than 4,500 companies around the world, including large companies such as WarnerBros, Vodafone and Puma. All of its development teams include members with more than 5 years of hands-on experience.

The best part about hiring PixelCrayons is that they provide best-in-class websites at a reasonably low price. You can hire website developers at the most affordable prices promised by them.

Now that you know which company to choose, here is some additional information to help your business succeed.

5 Top Web Development Trends To Follow In 2021:

1. Progressive Web Apps(PWA)


I agree that Progressive web apps (or PWA) are not the phenomenon of this year but the technology has gained massive attention from investors in recent years. Wondering how? Well, this is because it provides the closest experience to a native app.

It is not as heavy as a native app and does not require an active internet like a website. It is our new best friend.

2. No-code and Low-code:

No-code and low-code came up in the hope of making lives more comfortable. Experienced developers have started using these tools to streamline workflows and reduce their workloads.

Are you confused about how it works? Well, No-code tools lower the barrier of visual programming interfaces & drag and drop features for those who have never written a line of code in their life.

3. Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots:

How will you feel if self-learning bots control your website? Well, this year is being seen as the year of bots and AI. Web developers believe that self-learning bots will become a trend.


Thus in the upcoming years, chatbots will remain the most common instruments to serve people and become the significant digital development branch.

4. Single Page Application (SPA):

Nowadays, with high-speed Internet standards, users do not want to be stuck on an approach where every action made on the page (like clicking buttons) leads to one more web page downloaded from the server.

Suppose you want to avoid communication with the server and show better page performance and provide a high data protection level. In that case, a Single Page Application is what you need to implement.

5. Voice Search Optimization:

With almost every native app providing a Voice Search option, there is a need to add this option to your website. Why? Because users are becoming more and more comfortable with this hassle-free feature that they look for a mic button on every website or app. Therefore, this feature is a total win-win!


These were the 7 top web development companies that you could consider when creating your business website. I conducted this entire research based on customer feedback and the quality of the products provided by these companies.

All of the companies mentioned above offer custom web development services that make the most of their customer experience. If you are looking for a world-class web solution, you can hire developers from any of them.

For more queries, suggestions, or discussion, you can comment below.
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