What is it DAPCAR — Bet. Race. Win


As stated by the creators of DAPCAR is a multiplayer competitive game of the new generation on blockchain technology. This means that the platform is dominated by cryptocurrency, smart contract and absolute transparency. You participate in the race for cryptocurrency and compete with the same participants from around the world. Well, that sounds promising. Then even more interesting, consider below whether this is actually! In DAPCAR no matter whether you’re a young Padawan or Jedi master online games. Only your intuition decides here. Victory depends on three factors: the car, thoughtful tuning and self-selected parameters of each race. Developers do not have any possibility to influence the outcome of the race, for all responsible smart contract, who does not care who wins.

And now more about what DAPCAR race is.

First, you need to install MetaMask in your browser or log in to the game using Mobile Coinbase Wallet. Buy a car for ETH or DAPBOX Token on the playground and preferably not one, I think they forgot to specify and I will get a bonus for this, as the guys are clearly fans of the movie “READY PLAYER ONE” and announced the possible presence of Easter eggs in the game. I made one — looking so you will be rewarded. And so we go in the garage find a button to BUY A NEW CAR. Choose the number, confirm in MetaMask and please, I am the owner of three cars. I haven’t been so happy since I attended Tony Robbins ‘ successful course. =)


Secondly, and the truth, as bequeathed to us XZibit — Pump your car! We see the Show all info button and go to do the upgrade, because tuning increases the performance, and therefore my chances to send the opponent to the knockout. Tuning in the game is multi-level and each has its own cost and rollback time. Use 50 DAPCAR Token given to me thanks to the implementation of system requirements for the upgrade of the engine. On one forced engine, I will not go far of course, so I think to buy a little more DAPCAR Token just below in the tuning section. With this everything is very simple. Enter the amount of not less than 0.05 ETH click buy and get your cherished 100 DAPCAR token for this amount. You, by the way can and more, the benefit of popping up the assistant with the indicators. Ok not bad, do an upgrade of the exhaust system and turbine. In the game you can improve the car on six parameters-engine, transmission, suspension, brake system, exhaust system and turbine. And as you know pumping one parameter will not give the speed of the famous DeLorean.


In the race DAPCAR easier to drive in than to visit your ex-girlfriend — say the creators. LOL guys understand what they’re saying :-) Mine’s got a live line in there :-) Don’t we guys know each other?? Okay, go ahead.

In the game there are two types of races for ETH and key on key race. If for ETH, then the race you can create yourself or find an existing one. But we’ll go the second way and see, what is already available, although they say, that for race creation game adds you DAPCAR Token after the finish, the number of which depends on the height of the bet. So, click the search button and select the race you created the one that suits in the parameters of my car. And get into the car settings menu before the race!!! Are you serious?! Wow! And it is absolutely not like any crypto-gambling site, where all the excitement comes down to the banal 50/50 chance that you will drop the desired number. We study the statistics of the number of drops in previous races in the race menu. Choose one of three indicators (tires, suspension, navigator or nitro and wait for the result). And the most pleasant in all this action — the enrollment of winnings, which consists of the sum of the bets of two participants minus 5% commission of the game, right there in my wallet!!!

Well, for those who are willing to risk their car and play the key on the key, winning the opponents car fills up your garage. And please note that the donation for the expansion of the garage, the creators do not require! GOD BLESS YOU GUYS!


Finally, let’s move on to the most important and exciting part. Want to know, and how the winner is determined, not even game, but the whole bet system? The winner is determined by the smart contract by the sum of points of several indicators. All items are interrelated and affect the result. For example, if you select winter tires in the generated winter weather or improved suspension parameters in the tuning section — at the kind of the track, you get extra points to win.

First of all, these are tuning points determined by the type of race:

  • Drag (Engine, Exhaust, Turbo )
  • Ring (Gear, Brakes, Turbo )
  • Rally (Engine, Suspension, Brakes )

Levels are added and multiplied by 5. And here we can not do without an example:
Let’s say you have a stage 1 Engine upgrade, a Turbo with stage 1. Drops Drag, accordingly (1+1)*5 total we get +10 bonus.


Next, go to the parameters of the car selected before the conditional start. Here is certainly dominated by intuition. The main task is to guess as many of the three parameters of the car to the generated random track, track coverage and weather conditions. For example, on the rally track the maximum number of bonuses will give the navigator. And on the line almost nothing-there is better to choose nitro, giving the maximum bonus. Accordingly, the influence of other parameters is close to the conditions in real races.

On a similar principle are considered and remaining performance level car, power, number of victories and defeats. And of course, factor of luck — giving a maximum of +50 points, where without it, hope he’s just not worth it.


I want to finish this article with the words from the slogan BET. RACE. WIN.

I’ll see you in the race DAPCAR.

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