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gookit/slog — release v0.5.2, Lightweight, configurable, extensible logging library

Level of difficultyMedium

gookit/slog ? Lightweight, configurable, extensible logging library written in Go.
Support multi level, multi outputs and built-in multi file logger, buffers, clean, rotate-file handling.

Github https://github.com/gookit/slog

v0.5.2 changelog

Full changeloghttps://github.com/gookit/slog/compare/v0.5.1...v0.5.2



New feature usage

Custom log file permissions

The log file permission flag created by configuring the FilePerm setting of hander.Config.

h1 := handler.MustFileHandler("/tmp/error.log",
  handler.WithFilePerm(0644), // <- sets log file permissions


Split files using ModeCreate mode

about RotateMode:

  • ModeRename By default, every time rename handles rotation.

  • ModeCreate Create files only by split time

Setting RotateMode=ModeCreate allows log files to be created only by split time.

h1 := handler.MustRotateFile(
  rotatefile.EveryHour, // split by hour
  handler.WithRotateMode(rotatefile.ModeCreate), // set RotateMode=ModeCreate


Configure the logfile as /tmp/error.log in the above example. When set to ModeCreate mode, the file will not actually be created,
Instead, it will be created according to the actual split time:


Tips: The ModeCreate mode can be applied to command-line tool applications. Because they exit after each execution, ModeRename may not be able to split files on time.

And using ModeRename mode will have the following effect:

/tmp/error.log # <- Logs are always written to this file

More usage

More usage please see README

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