• Top 5 Reasons to Learn TensorFlow

      Top 5 Reasons to Learn TensorFlow

      Artificial Intelligence or AI has gone far beyond its beginning and self-driving cars, virtual assistants, Google Lens, and personalized marketing, are some of the initial powerful applications of AI. The present generation is yet to witness the true potential of AI in the years to come. Companies are investing huge amounts of money to leverage the power of AI and build applications that offer best-in-class solutions to real-world problems.

      Broadly speaking, AI is one of the powerful fields of computer science which focuses on making machines capable of mimicking human actions. Such machines are not explicitly programmed and it learns from past experiences to make decisions quite similar to what humans do through their brain. When one starts exploring AI, it is inevitable to come across its subset i.e. Machine Learning. Further deep learning is a subset of machine learning.

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    • 11 Agile Project Management Best Practices

        The Agile method of project management focuses on the repetitive development of the product. Each iteration starts with better input. Although initially intended for software development, the Agile methodology is now being adopted rapidly in other industries too.

        At the core of the Agile methodology are sprints or cycles, which are small development time frames focusing on the continuous improvement of the development process and/or product. It involves sub-tasks that must be completed within the specified time period.

        Since the project management industry is going gaga over the Agile methodology, it is an apt time to learn the Agile methodology. Agile best practices help in further enhancing the effectiveness of the project management technique. Here are 11 of the best ones:

        1. Employ Relevant Project Management Software

        This goes without saying, using project management tools surely benefit a project no matter what the methodology or methodologies involved are. They can take care of everything ranging from file management and feedback collection to tracking progress and reporting.

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      • 6 Essential Python Libraries for Python Programming

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        Python is a high-level, general-purpose programming language that has become one of the leading names in the programming community. It ranges in the ability from developing simplistic applications to carrying out complex, mathematical calculations with an equal level of ease.

        Being one of the leading programming languages means that there is no scarcity of great frameworks and libraries available to toy with. A programming language library is simply a set of modules and functions that eases some specific operations using the programming language.

        So, here are 6 essential Python libraries for Python programming that every Python developer or aspirant must know about:
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      • 10 Tips for Being a Good Tech Lead

        Leadership is not a service, it’s a skill. Professionals working as a software developer for a couple of years are given the chance to be a tech lead. However, remember that ‘with great power comes great responsibility.’

        There are several things that you need to take care of while being a tech lead. Obviously, you don’t need to code as much as you need to do while being a software developer. However, there are several other non-coding related things that now are your responsibility to deal with.

        10 Tips for Being a Good Tech Lead

        Maintaining a tech lead position while not gaining any criticism from the team isn’t possible. This is not due to your incapacity albeit due to human nature. However, the effort can be made to minimize it and becoming better in what you do eventually. After all, you are the leader now.
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