• Algorithms in Go: Matrix Spiral

      Most solutions to algorithmic problems can be grouped into a rather small number of patterns. When we start to solve some problem, we need to think about how we would classify them. For example, can we apply fast and slowalgorithmic pattern or do we need to use cyclic sortpattern? Some of the problems have several solutions with different patterns. In this article of series Algorithms in Go we consider an algorithmic pattern that solves an entire class of the problems related to a matrix. Let's take one of such problems and see how we can handle it.

      How can we traverse a matrix in a spiral order?

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    • Top 7 Technology Trends to Look out for in 2021

      Technology is as adaptable and compatible as mankind; it finds its way through problems and situations. 2020 was one such package of uncertain events that forced businesses to adapt to digital transformation, even to an extent where many companies started to consider the remote work culture to be a beneficiary long-term model. Technological advancements like Hyper automation, AI Security, and Distributed cloud showed how any people-centric idea could rule the digital era. The past year clearly showed the boundless possibilities through which technology can survive or reinvent itself. With all those learnings let's deep-dive and focus on some of the top technology trends to watch out for in 2021.

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    • OOX 2.0: Out of Order eXecution made easy

        As Intel Threading Building Blocks (TBB) is being refreshed using new C++ standard, deprecating tbb::task interface, the need for high-level tasking interface becomes more obvious. In this article, I’m proposing yet another way of defining what a high-level parallel task programming model can look like in modern C++. I created it in 2014 and it was my last contribution to TBB project as its core developer after 9 wonderful years of working there. However, this proposal has not been used in production yet, so a new discussion might help it to be adopted.

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      • Why PVS-Studio Uses Data Flow Analysis: Based on Gripping Error in Open Asset Import Library

          Why PVS-Studio Uses Data Flow Analysis
          An essential part of any modern static code analyzer is data flow analysis. However, from an outside perspective, the use of data flow analysis and its benefit is unclear. Some people still consider static analysis a tool searching for something in code according to a certain pattern. Thus, we occasionally write blog posts to show how this or that technology, used in the PVS-Studio analyzer, helps to identify another interesting error. Today, we have such an article about the bug found in the Base64, one of the encoding standard implementations of binary data.

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        • Date Processing Attracts Bugs or 77 Defects in Qt 6

            PVS-Studio & Qt 6

            The recent Qt 6 release compelled us to recheck the framework with PVS-Studio. In this article, we reviewed various interesting errors we found, for example, those related to processing dates. The errors we discovered prove that developers can greatly benefit from regularly checking their projects with tools like PVS-Studio.

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            AdBlock has stolen the banner, but banners are not teeth — they will be back

          • Enrolling and using Token2 USB Security keys with UserLock MFA

              UserLock provides two-factor authentication & access management for Windows Active Directory. By adding two-factor authentication, contextual restrictions and real-time insight around logons, UserLock helps administrators to secure, monitor and respond to all users' access, UserLock reduces the risk of external attacks and internal security breaches while helping to address regulatory compliance.

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            • Koyaanisqatsi: The WYSIWYG-style byte-code CPU

                Draft diagram of core

                SVG-File (actual draft)


                Ancient times are known to everyone not with immortal works from Homer's only, but also with the Pythagorean multiplication table, Euclidean geometry and the Archimedes screw and the Pi, which we learned to use only relatively recently. In antiquity the art was not only to be able to write poetry and prose, but to design catapults or battering tools also, now there are rigid frameworks, when the discovering the new another beautiful formula is a formal words play only.
                Mathematics rules the modern world completely, cynically intertwining with the world of art, intruding with calculations in all spheres of our recreation and everyday life, when the colors of masterpieces turning into poisonous colours.
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              • Just for Fun: PVS-Studio Team Came Up With Monitoring Quality of Some Open Source Projects

                  Static code analysis is a crucial component of all modern projects. Its proper application is even more important. We decided to set up a regular check of some open source projects to see the effect of the analyzer's frequent running. We use the PVS-Studio analyzer to check projects. As for viewing the outcome, the choice fell on SonarQube. As a result, our subscribers will learn about new interesting bugs in the newly written code. We hope you'll have fun.

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                • How to Get Nice Error Reports Using SARIF in GitHub

                    Let's say you use GitHub, write code, and do other fun stuff. You also use a static analyzer to enhance your work quality and optimize the timing. Once you come up with an idea - why not view the errors that the analyzer gave right in GitHub? Yeah, and also it would be great if it looked nice. So, what should you do? The answer is very simple. SARIF is right for you. This article will cover what SARIF is and how to set it up. Enjoy the reading!

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                  • Top 5 Best Secure Video Streaming Platforms of 2021

                      In this modern era of technological advancements, it is important to connect with people who matter the most to your business i.e. customers. Are you searching for a secure online video platform for your business?

                      Do you know what is secure streaming!

                      Well, various online video platforms can help you in providing seamless videos to your customers. But what we need is a secure online video platform that can also protect our digital content from various e-hazards. Read on to know more about some of the most secure online video platforms in the market.

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                    • Algorithms in Go: Dutch National Flag

                      • Tutorial

                      The flag of the Netherlands consists of three colors: red, white and blue. Given balls of these three colors arranged randomly in a line (it does not matter how many balls there are), the task is to arrange them such that all balls of the same color are together and their collective color groups are in the correct order.

                      For simplicity instead of colors red, white, and blue we will be dealing with ones, twos and zeroes.

                      Let's start with our intuition. We have an array of zeroth, ones, and twos. How would we sort it? Well, we could put aside all zeroes into some bucket, all ones into another bucket, and all twos into the third. Then we can fetch all items from the first bucket, then from the second, and from the last bucket, and restore all the items. This approach is perfectly fine and has a great performance. We touch all the elements when we iterate through the array, and then we iterate through all the elements once more when we "reassamble" the array. So, the overall time complexity is O(n) + O(n) ~= O(n). The space complexity is also O(n) as we need to store all items in the buckets.

                      Can we do better than that? There is no way to improve our time complexity. However, we can think of a more efficient algorithm in regard to space complexity. How would we solve the problem without the additional buckets?

                      Let's make a leap of faith and pretend that somehow we were able to process a part of the array. We iterate through part of the array and put encountered zeroes and ones at the beginning of the array, and twos at the end of the array. Now, we switched to the next index i with some unprocessed value x. What should we do there?

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                    • A bit about our currently nameless game company, and what we’re working on at the moment

                        Hey everyone! I represent a game studio without a name, and the project we’re working on goes by the technical name of "CGDrone". I started writing this article earlier today, having tortured myself for ages with sketches, colours, algorithms and correcting bugs in rotations based on quaternions (the last one just about finished me off). You can probably understand I needed a break.

                        I’ve often come across stories people have posted online about how they made their game, the difficulties they faced, and the result they achieved at the end. Likewise, our team has its own story, and I’d like to share a bit about it.

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                      • Damned if you do, damned if you don’t: how tech companies can cut through passive-aggressive media

                          Entrepreneurs make for easy targets. Whatever your business is doing, it’s guaranteed to ruffle some feathers. But don’t be quick to blame the public. Most times, being sceptical of change is only logical.

                          Even those who buy into your product will probably expect it to fail. 20% of businesses shut their doors during their first year, and less then half survive for more than five. We may not know these numbers, but we know it from experience — most of them overpromise, underdeliver and ultimately disappoint.

                          As such, it’s no surprise that the internet is full of passive-aggressive tech coverage. No matter what you do, your business is going to be attacked and demeaned. No one is immune.

                          Look no further than the original iPhone’s early reviews. It generated a lot of negative coverage for the sake of negative coverage. CNET’s main complaints revolved over a lack of physical buttons, completely missing the entire point of having a touchscreen. A Techcrunch columnist went even further and outright damned it to failure. Sounds funny now, but 14 years ago these people were dead serious.

                          Of course, these days everyone is an expert and the comment sections matter more than the articles they follow. Unlike traditionally restrained media professionals, the overconfident amateurs on popular UGC platforms openly take pleasure in attacking whatever they come across. It might be their way of letting off steam from being bullied at work or having financial difficulties, but no matter the reason, you still have to deal with a bunch of people trying to paint you in a negative light. And that’s not easy.

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                        • 10+ Biggest Remote Tech Jobs Aggregators Comparison

                            There is a myriad of articles about where to find remote jobs, particularly in tech. Some of them are outdated and most of them don't provide detailed reviews. So that's why I decided to do my own research. I did a basic search by "React" skill (where possible) and expected to see mostly "Frontend Developer" vacancies.

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                          • Speech Analytics: Benefits and its New Importance in Telecommunication Technology

                              Speech analytics is the process of analysing recorded speech, such as phone calls, to gather customer information to improve communication and future customer interaction. Speech analytics as a technology has been evolving especially rapidly over the last few years. It gives the ability to structure and analyse previously lost streams of insight-rich data, such as phone conversations. Empowered with this technology, operations can gather incredibly valuable business intelligence to drive call delivery performance improvements. It’s smart in that it automatically identifies focus areas in which customer service or sales teams may need additional call training which then, in turn, improves the call’s successful outcome. Speech analytics, as a process, can isolate buzzwords and phrases used most frequently within a given time period, plus indicate usage is trending up or down. This data is highly useful to call managers to spot changes in consumer behaviour so that action can be taken to improve customer satisfaction.

                              Zadarma is a leading global VoIP provider and offers a smart speech analytics feature as part of their incredibly easy to use telecommunications offering. The tool is free as part of the wider PBX phone system bundles, included in the free recognition minutes. Zadarma’s analytics feature allows data access to every internal or external call conversation. The benefits of speech analytics include:

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