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Push notifications. How to write push notifications that won't piss you off

Level of difficultyEasy
Reading time11 min

Push notifications are similar to promoters. You're peacefully walking down the street, and suddenly promoters approach you, urging you to take their flyers. You take them, but you don't read them and throw them into the nearest trash can.

The same goes for push notifications. You're reading an article, and suddenly a notification pops up with a promo code for free delivery of products. Then another one arrives, informing you about a giveaway. And then another one, offering a discount on all fruits. Notifications can appear on your screen at any time. If there are too many of them, your reaction is either to ignore them or disable them.

In this article, we will talk about how to write push notifications that people will click on and show you how to build a push notification strategy. At the end, we will provide a template for a push notification strategy.

Push Notifications - What is it?

A push notification is a pop-up message on a smartphone screen. To send one, you need to use a delivery service. You can send a notification instantly, schedule it for a specific time, or set up a trigger-based delivery - a chain of notifications that will be triggered by specific user actions.

Triggered push notifications are sent after a specific action is taken. For example, if a person starts adding items to their cart but doesn't complete the purchase, you can send them a notification urging them to complete the transaction after a certain period of time.

Notifications are sent to users who fall into specific segments for targeting. Segments are formed based on specific events. For example, the event "6 hours ago, a product was added to the cart but no purchase was made" will divide users into two segments: those who made a purchase and those who didn't.

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How to Create Effective Product Funnels with Event Tracking

Level of difficultyMedium
Reading time8 min

Regardless of how mature the product is, its owner will always be curious about how it performs, what the conversion rates are, and what areas for improvement there are. One of the most important tools that product owners should get access to at some point in time is an event tracking system.

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«Look what I have!» — how we made the feature of screen sharing in the mobile video conferencing app

Reading time4 min

How we listened to the needs of our customers and implemented the feature with the maximum capabilities of the iOS and Android platforms. Then we looked into analytics, added onboarding, and usage grew. At the end of the article there are some cool conclusions and insights. Developing a video conferencing mobile app is fun!

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Case Study: How to Get Featured on Google Play and Adapt ASO to Different Countries

Reading time13 min

Full HP Ltd is an international mobile game development company with 40+ employees and offices in Rostov-on-Don and Cyprus. Their portfolio includes 8 games, among them Mad GunZ (a Google Play Editors' choice) and Blocky Cars (a Catappult Editors' choice). Mad GunZ has over 12 million downloads on all platforms, and Blocky Cars has over 32 million.

The company is actively involved in the life of the IT community and is a sponsor of the Sunflower game devs festival.

The Full HP Ltd team translates texts for Blocky Cars and Mad GunZ using Nitro professional translation service, and agreed to share some of their lifehacks with us:

  • how to maximize ASO optimization results
  • how to get on the home page of Google Play
  • how to monetize children’s games
  • and the benefits of releasing a game on alternative platforms.
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Android, Google and free content licenses. Who is to blame and what can be done?

Reading time23 min

The story of another ban.

Have you heard about bans on apps and developers in Google Play? This is just such a story. It’s also an attempt to collect similar cases into one place and offer some kind of plan of action to prevent Google’s unpredictable actions. It isn’t fair to be banned for the legal use of free material. Personally, I like the idea of content licenses such as CC BY-SA, which permits any use, including commercial. Thanks to such licenses, we developers have websites like StackOverflow, where I’ve been elected to be the moderator. Unfortunately, companies like Google don’t respect the ideas behind these licenses. Here's my story.

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The Top 10 Languages for App Localization

Reading time3 min

App localization statistics, case studies and analytics

The goal of every app developer, product manager, and marketing manager is to drive their app’s visibility and broaden its coverage. At the same time, this is also a way to approach the ultimate business goal of increasing monthly active users and revenue.

This brings us to the idea of app localization, which allows a product to reach new geographical regions and satisfy specific needs and user expectations. As such, localization must address multiple linguistic, cultural, regional, and religious considerations.

Written by Alconost
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Grow Your Revenue Using In-app Purchases

Reading time4 min
In 2019, things are going to shake up particularly with regards to in-app purchases and the best approach. In the event that you are eyeing to procure great income from these administrations, at that point you should look at the tips underneath.

Introduce Timely Discounts

Given the relentless challenge in the Mobile app world, it is significant that you venture up your game. One of the techniques that you can actualize is having constrained time offers. In doing this, you get the chance to publicity the item or administrations among versatile app clients. The time factor is likewise vital as you don't wish to overstretch the markdown offers.

Besides, you have to bring on board mastery to enable you to think in transit forward with regards to the limits. Keep in mind, you should be strategic in request to gain more income and clients.

Adventure into Partnerships

It is anything but difficult to fly solo with regards to Mobile apps however you can't neglect the need accomplices. As you advance your items and administrations, it is significant that liaise with substances that can support your incomes.

In any case, picking the best corporate to connect with is no stroll in the recreation center. You will be required to investigate how their items/administrations can enable you to manufacture your image. Under this, you may have joint effort between an application for wearable emergency clinic gadgets and social insurance association. The outcome will be an increase in the number of clients accessing the in-app purchases.

Besides this, you may pick to package together at least two items under your image when pushing the in-app purchases.
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How Many Developers Need to Create Service Like Airbnb

Reading time4 min
Back in 2007, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia shared a room in San Francisco and were unable to pay rent on time. As a way out, they decided to turn their living space into a simple bed-and-breakfast hotel to get some money from travelers. If you love traveling i can advice you Travel news site. A year later, the venturers launched a website which evolved into the most famous peer-to-peer renting technology service called Airbnb.

 Now, the company has 3,100 employees and generates insane revenues for its founders. The statistics say that Airbnb has 150 million registered users, 3 million hosts, and 4 million listed offers. The service covers 80,000 cities in 190 countries, and, interestingly, 50% of traffic comes from mobile applications.

  These figures are so impressive that you may also want to create your own Airbnb clone and become successful. But slow down. This story is already written; do you really need to create a marketplace similar to Airbnb?
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