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PyGMTSAR is Next Generation Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) Software for Everyone

Reading time6 min

Do you need to produce satellite interferometry results for your work or study? Or should you find the way to process terabytes of radar data on your common laptop? Maybe you aren't confident about the installation and usage of the required software. Fortunately, there is the next generation of satellite interferometry products available for you. Beginners can build the results easily and advanced users might work on huge datasets. Open Source software PyGMTSAR is available on GitHub for developers and on DockerHub for advanced users and on Google Colab for everyone. This is the cloud-ready product, and it works the same as do you run it locally on your old laptop as on powerful cloud servers.

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A selection of Datasets for Machine learning

Reading time5 min
Hi guys,

Before you is an article guide to open data sets for machine learning. In it, I, for a start, will collect a selection of interesting and fresh (relatively) datasets. And as a bonus, at the end of the article, I will attach useful links on independent search of datasets.

Less words, more data.


A selection of datasets for machine learning:

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How to generate a huge financial graph with money laundering patterns?

Reading time4 min

Couple of years ago my team (compliance in one of Swiss banks) and I had an interesting task to implement — we had to generate a huge random graph of financial transactions between clients, companies and ATMs. Moreover, we wanted this graph to contain some money-laundering and other financial crime patterns alongside with nodes description such as names, addresses, currencies etc. Obviously, all data should be randomly generated from scratch as long as we could not use any real data for obvious reasons.

As a solution we wrote a generator that I’d love to share with you. This article explains why we needed it and how this generator is working, but if you don’t want to read and want to try it on your own here is the code: https://github.com/MGrin/transactions-graph-generator. I hope that our experience will be helpful to any of you.
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Open Source developer's life in GIFs

Reading time2 min
Sberbank is the largest bank in Russia and Eastern Europe. Our team in Sbertech teaches Sberbank efficient work with Free & Open Source Software. You can read more about this on Habr (what we exactly do, yet in Russian).

One of the main challenges is to open the mind of managers and engineers for using FOSS (Free & Open Source Software) properly. Because we have a lot of them, we have tried to use GIFs for answer the most common questions.


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