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VIM for beginners

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Like any developer, you are constantly developing. You are learning new technologies by reading books, watching online lessons, attending some courses, and so on and so forth. You know that if you stop learning, you become uncompetitive. But have you ever thought about your performance? How do you improve that? If you don't know how to answer than welcome under the cut.

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Modes are vim’s killer feature? Seriously?

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Author of the original post in Russian: varanio

You may have read a recent article suggesting that vim is great unlike IDEs, because of their allegedly low typing speed.

Let’s recall that the main message of that article was that vim’s killer feature consists in its modes that sort of outshine everything else. That said, the author acknowledged that IntelliJ IDEA and other IDEs provide hotkeys and other user experience which can be easily used. However, since they lack modes, vim is supposed to be everyone’s first choice.

The author then suggests that instead of pressing ctrl+arrows to move between words, it is easier to press Esc, e and then go back to the i editing mode. Understandably, all this trouble because the author finds it inconvenient to hold ctrl.

I know that articles that criticize vim get many negative votes, but I just have to speak out.
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