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Backup & Recovery Solutions from China

Reading time9 min

There are new challenges that force IT companies to look for non-trivial approaches to solve the problems of their customers every year.  And as you know LANIT-Integration is not an exception. Our team has already managed to work with many products, but we never stop discovering new ones.

In this article I would like to provide an overview of backup and recovery software from Chinese vendors and to compare these solutions with domestic ones.

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Fault Tolerance Web Architecture for Our Cloud Solutions

Reading time10 min

Hi Habr,

I'm Artyom Karamyshev, a system administration team leader at Mail.Ru Cloud Solutions (MCS). We launched many products in 2019. We've aimed to make API services easily scalable, fault-tolerant, and ready to accommodate rapid growth. Our platform is running on OpenStack, and in this article, I describe all the component fault tolerance issues that we've resolved.

The overall fault tolerance of the platform is consists of its components fault tolerance. So, I'm going to show you step by step tutorial about all levels where we've found the risks.
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Hyper-V for Developers on Windows 10

Reading time6 min
Hyper-V is more known as a server virtualization technology; however, since Windows 8, it is also available in the client operating system. In Windows 10, Microsoft improved the experience drastically to make Hyper-V an excellent solution for developers and IT Pros.
Microsoft Hyper-V, codenamed Viridian, is a native (type 1) hypervisor that directly runs on the hardware, compared to VMware Workstation, VirtualBox, and other type 2 or hosted hypervisors. It was first released in Windows Server 2008, and it allows you to run virtual machines on x86-64 systems.

As mentioned, with Windows 10, Microsoft optimized Hyper-V for developers. Hyper-V allows developers to quickly spin up development virtual machines on Windows 10 with excellent performance, but it is also used in a couple of other development features as a back-end technology, like the Android Emulator, the Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 or Docker Containers. In this article, we will have a quick look at what Hyper-V on Windows 10 can over for developers.
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Who is stealing virtual CPU time?

Reading time10 min

Hi! In this article, I want to explain, in layman’s terms, how steal appears in VMs and tell you about some of the less-than-obvious artifacts that we found during research on the topic that I was involved in as CTO of the Mail.ru Cloud Solutions platform. The platform runs KVM.
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How to prevent targeted cyber attacks? 10 best network sandboxes

Reading time10 min

Targeted attacks are the most dangerous among the multitude of modern cyber threats. They are also known as ATP (an abbreviation which stands for Advanced Persistent Threat). Those are not viruses that can accidentally get into the computer due to user's carelessness. Neither it is an attempt to replace the address of a popular site in order to cheat billing information from credulous users. Targeted cyber attacks are prepared and thought out carefully and pose a particular threat.
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