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One of the ways to dynamically deserialize a part of a JSON document with an unknown structure

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In this topic, I will tell you how to dynamically parse and deserialize only part of the whole JSON document. We will create an implementation for .NET Core with C# as a language.

For example, we have the next JSON as a data source for the report. Notice that we will get this JSON in the runtime and at the compile step we don't know the structure of this document. And what if you need to select only several fields for processing?

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Интеграция AppCenter и GitLab

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Трям, здравствуйте!

Хочу рассказать о своём опыте настройки интергации GitLab и AppCenter через BitBucket.

Необходимость такой интеграции возникла в ходе настройки автоматического запуска UI тестов для кроссплатформенного проекта на Xamarin. Подробный туториал под катом!

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