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Google запустил онлайн-курс обучения продвинутому поиску

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Как и планировалось сегодня Google запустил курс обучения продвинутому поиску.

Только что мне на почту пришло письмо.
Текст письма (на английском)
We’re excited to launch the first class of Power Searching with Google!

Get started by taking a pre-class assessment and studying the material in the first class: www.powersearchingwithgoogle.com

Class 1 available
Class 2 available July 11
Class 3 and mid-class assessment available July 12
Hangout on Air with search experts July 13 1:00-1:45pm PDT (add to calendar)
Submit questions for search experts: www.google.com/moderator/#16/e=2004ad
Mid-class assessment due July 17 at 7:59am PDT (add to calendar)
Classes 4-6 available July 17-19
Hangout on Air with search experts July 19 11:00-11:45am PDT (add to calendar)
Post-class assessment due July 23 at 4:59pm PDT (add to calendar)

Need help? Please join the course staff in the course forum and follow our Google+ page for additional exercises, tips, and tricks!

The Power Searching with Google course staff

Frequently Asked Questions
How will I know when new classes are available? You will receive an email when new classes are available.
What time are the assessments due and the Hangouts on Air held? Clicking on the “add to calendar” links above will open a Google Calendar entry with the correct time in your time zone.
What is a Hangout on Air? A Hangout on Air uses Google+ technology to broadcast a live event to the whole world. You will be able to ask questions of our search experts using a website (linked above) called Google Moderator. Our search experts will answer the questions live on the air. You can watch the live broadcast on our Google+ page.
How do the certificates work? You can take the mid-class and post-class assessments as many times as you want before the assessments close. You will be able to view your scores immediately, and we will direct you to lessons that you should review based on the questions that you missed. We will compute a weighted average from scores on your most recently submitted mid-class and post-class assessments (Overall Score = 35% of mid-class assessment + 65% of post-class assessment). You will receive a certificate via email if your Overall Score exceeds 70%.

You are receiving this email because you enrolled in Power Searching with Google. To unsubscribe from emails about this class, please click here, then click “My Membership.” Select “No Email.”

Сегодня доступен первый вводный урок.

Обучение продлится до 23 июля, а по его окончании выдадут сертификат.

Желаю всем приятного обучения.
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