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How to promote an incremental game? Free of charge, fast and effective*

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If you ever created a game, you probably ran into the same problem as a lot of game developers before you: nobody knows about your game. In the article, I will tell you how to promote an incremental** game for free, fast and somehow effective.

Incremental** games are based on a [neverending] loop of accumulation, reinvestment, and acceleration. The unending upward growth of numbers is their the most prominent feature.

My latest game has some organic traffic, but it's too low to say anything about it. About 30 uniques per month and most of which left my game in 10 seconds.

So I decided, that my game needs promotion. I spend some time, looking for the best places, where I could do it.

The first and most useful place for me is Reddit's Incremental Wiki.

Second place is Reddit's Incremental games subreddit.

While there is a lot of information to check, for promoting purposes I recommend two things:

  1. participate in Feedback Fridays
  2. start your own topic in this subreddit

Third place is plaza.dsolver.ca/games.

To submit a game, you should log in via Reddit.

Finally, fourth place for promoting is www.kongregate.com, which is great, but requires your game to be uploaded to their platform.

I promoted my game on some of the sites above (because my game still in beta, so I preferred softlaunch), and there are some numbers I have got (* about 30 times higher than before the promotion):


Now, when I have enough statistical data, my next big goal is to raise the number of returned users to 15% (now it's about 6.5%)
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