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It's high time to become part of an open source project

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JavaScript developers, I am working on an exciting opensource project pursuing two goals:

  1. Learning best practices in JavaScript/NodeJS
  2. Helping developers and myself to develop and launch MVPs to validate ideas quickly.

As developers, we have tons of ideas and would be awesome to have a simple tool to scaffold a secure project quickly, add a couple of forms, some project specific logic, and here you go — deploy and test your idea.

Current stack is JavaScript/Nodejs, MongoDB, Redis, Graphql. Plans to add React, Vue, Angular, TypeScript.

It's not a new idea, but It's fantastic to combine learning and building your projects with an opensource that you are actively developing. And it is beneficial for you as a developer to be active in the opensource world.

If anyone feels like working on an open source project, ping me and let's build an awesome project together.

I've done some of the work that is available here
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