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Vue.js Is Good, But Is It Better Than Angular or React?

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Vue.js is a JavaScript library for building web interfaces. Combining with some other tools It also becomes a “framework”. Now, from our last blog, you already know that Vue.js is one of the top JavaScript frameworks and it is replacing Angular and React in many cases. This brings in the topic of this blog ‘Vue.js is good, but is it better than Angular or React?

In case you’ve never heard or used Vue.js before, you are probably thinking: Come on! yet another JavaScript framework! We get it. However, Vue.js is not new in the custom software development domain. It was first released in 2013 and now it has 130549 stars on Github and downloaded a number of times this year.

Here, have a look at the images —

Hence, neither Vue.js is new nor less popular from other frameworks as per its lifetime. Now let’s see what are the winning factors present in Vue.js.

Why is Vue.js special?

The greatest benefit of Vue in the war of Vue vs angular is its absence of pedigree. It is fresh and has little baggage. It has been learning from the mistakes and successes of React & Angular. The way we see it, Vue is lightweight & easy to learn.

It has got some fairly basic docs but they do a good job, and while there isn’t a great deal to learn compared to angular – this is a good thing as it’s deceptively powerful. PageKit, Python China are two of the projects using Vue among many. Here’s the list. Also, it has a two-way data binding facility like Angular and Virtual DOM like React.

Now, we hope your basic concept about Vue.js is quite clear. Hence, before we start discussing React vs Vue vs Angular, let us check their current position:

Now let’s compare it with Angular and React. We will start with Angular-

Angularjs vs Vue.js

While comparing Vue vs angular, let us first declare that Angular (mostly after the release of Angular 7!!) is a mammoth and Vue.js is the tiger hungry enough to become big soon. However, there are many reasons for which developers are switching to Vue. Evan You, the owner of Vue describes the reason rightly.
Vue.js is a more flexible, less opinionated solution ( than Angular ). That allows you to structure your app the way you want it to be, instead of being forced to do everything the Angular way. It’s only an interface layer so you can use it as a light feature in pages instead of a full-blown SPA.
Now let's see few codes which will give you some basic insights for the war of vue vs angular(credits: fadeit.dk)

The bottom line of Vue.js vs Angularjs: There are many tools in Angularjs and so many complex syntaxes that it can confuse you sometimes. On the other hand, Vue.js is much simpler than Angular and sometimes even better. If you are concerned about the future of this framework, we suggest not to be. This is going to stay for long and no way to fade in the upcoming two years.

Reactjs vs Vue.js

React and Vue.js has some similar features in the war of vue vs angular. They are:

  1. Utilize a virtual DOM.
  2. Provide reactive & compose-able view components.
  3. Keep focus in the core library, with concerns like routing and global state management handled by companion libraries.

This states that React and Vue.js are quite similar feature-wise for a technology consulting company. Hence, we would like to compare these two frameworks from a developer’s perspective with a few simple how-tos for each framework. Let’s see what happens in this Vue js vs Reactjs comparison:

For Example A «Hello World» program

How React Does it:

How Vue Does it:

Image: anyonecanlearntocode.com

This is simple. With a single script tag, you’re up and running. The benefit here is that to take advantage of Vue features, without learning any new technologies.

Two way Data Binding

How React Does it:

How Vue does it:

img src:rlafranchi.github.io

Two way binding in Vue.js is quite simple when you use v-model. In React it's a long way down.


How React Does it:

How Vue does it:

Image: rlafranchi.github.io

In this case, also, Vue wins with fewer lines and simplified codes.

The bottom line of Vue.js vs Reactjs: What these examples mean is that Vue.js is easy to learn and can be immediately productive. It also provides a path to simplicity with new tools and patterns for managing large codebases. Vue.js can scale up with your knowledge so that you can start to learn the updated tools and best practices.

Angularjs vs Vue.js vs Reactjs Table

Here is a table that would provide you a few valuable information about these three frameworks –

The bottom line

In today’s time, Vue is not as much popular as React (maintained by Facebook) or Angular 2 & 4 (supported by Google). However, many developers are switching to Vue. Laravel community has also considered it as one of their preferred front-end frameworks.

Overall, Vue provides an answer to the issue of React & Angular and gives you much simpler and easier way to code.
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