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Launching an IT Business: Top 4 Tech Franchises of 2019

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Launching a new business is always stressful and hard. Building everything from scratch can take years, with no guarantee your chosen business or marketing model is good enough. This is why franchising is so widespread – you can use an already established brand with polished marketing.

However, in the IT sphere, the number of franchise offerings is quite limited. So, I've come up with a list of promising tech franchises of 2019. Enjoy!

Gmoji, gift sending app and marketplace

One of the hottest franchise offerings in the technological segment now. Gmoji is an App and a Business Platform, allowing users to send and receive real goods in the form of an emoji-like picture with a link, using any messenger or social network. Everything works pretty simply: the person pays for a gift he or she wants to send, and the recipient gets the link. Now, this person can go to the location (it may be coffeeshop or any other local business) and get the present (a cup of coffee) for free!

The name «Gmoji» is a combination of «gift + emoji.» For now, the whole system consists of two big modules: Gmoji App (here are C2C and B2C versions) and Gmoji Business platform (B2B). Thus, both individual users and companies can send gifts to their friends or counterparts.

Gmoji runs its international scaling via franchising. 8 master franchise contracts have been signed since the beginning of 2019.

CMIT Solutions, IT outsourcing

CMIT offers managed IT services and flat-rate IT support. It works as an IT outsourcing provider: the business signs up a contract with CMIT and receives 24/7 support, backup, recovery, and cybersecurity services.

The company also offers services related to networking, cloud service, applications, VoIP, and so on. This franchise is often listed in articles covering top tech franchises. The company sells its franchise since 1998, and, unlike WSI, the past 10 years, it has been growing the number of its locations. There were 100 of them in 2008, and 200+ today.

TeamLogic, IT consulting and support services

Similar to CMIT, this company offers IT outsourcing services, support, and consulting. TeamLogic serves customers in multiple industries, including healthcare, legal services, and finance. Company’s technicians can work either remotely or on-site right where the customer’s infrastructure is.

TeamLogic is founded in 2004 and launched its franchise offering in 2005. Now it has about 143 locations covered by its franchisee network. Most of them are inside the US, but at least one location is outside of this country.

WSI, Digital Marketing Services

WSI is a Canadian digital marketing agency, which offers a franchise. This company's services include social media marketing, video marketing, content marketing, mobile marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, website conversion, email marketing, landing pages, web analytics, and web design services.

The business is actively using franchising since 1996, and nowadays, there are more than 800 locations where local entrepreneurs use the WSI franchise. It might seem like an excellent result, but 10 years ago, the agency has more than 1680 locations! Nevertheless, this is still a rare opportunity to hop on an online marketing business.

Do you know any other exciting tech franchise options for IT entrepreneurs? Share links in the comments below.
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