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9 Key Benefits Of Blockchain Technology In Sports Software

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There are numerous benefits provided by blockchain technology for sports betting software. The nine key benefits are detailed below.

Security of Blockchain

When this technology is integrated into sports betting software, there is a permanent and unchangeable record in the transaction ledger providing transparency. Sportsbooks must be certain their betting data is delivered safely with all bets resolved correctly and quickly. This technology provides significantly better protection through the use of smart contracts. Decentralized actors handle the wagers with the smart contracts being executed automatically. Publicly written data cannot be altered. The complex system of the past is simplified and performed for much less than the traditional costs. Blockchain Development Services, Blockchain Solutions are paramount not only in sports betting but every aspect of the new business world. Blockchain technology experts integrate cryptocurrency payment solutions, program smart contracts, and engineer blockchain networks and apps.

This provides better protection, flawless bet execution, enhanced data security, and complete information transparency. The use of cryptocurrency significantly decreases the fees for payment processing. This reduces the margins for the sportsbook while offering players an increased chance to win. Once the bets have been resolved with a smart contract, the funds will be in the wallet of the better for almost immediate withdrawal. Any issues for even larger amounts are eliminated due to cryptocurrency payouts.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts enable trustless transactions. This eliminates the need for a centralized party, enabling the transactions to be processed exactly the way they should be. The betting data is written using blockchain technology which cannot be altered. The additional security in the betting software preserves data integrity while being shared publicly. This prevents tampering and streamlines the data flow. The system rewards bettors contributing data while decreasing the cost for the operators. The savings of the operator can be used for better promotions or friendlier lines. The operators are then able to attract additional bettors to the sportsbook and the betting industry. Honoring the bets can then become paramount.

One of the biggest advantages of using new technology for betting software is cryptocurrency. One of the main processors has already made the announcement they will be offering select merchants free processing for cryptocurrency. This is just the beginning of new gaming opportunities and gambling based on cryptocurrency. The expectations are the other processors' will start decreasing their transaction fees even more. This will offer better odds to the player for winning by reducing the margins of the sportsbooks. This will help with the growth of the betting industry.


The key concern of sportsbook bettors is gaming results, payoffs and winnings are partially concealed or intentionally hidden. These concerns can be resolved with new technology. Records are verified on a shared ledger. This transparency will increase customer trust so they can bet with confidence. Fraud is eliminated due to completely secure transactions through a distributed ledger. All winnings are calculated automatically and sent to the bettor. The use of cryptocurrency for an alternative method of payment has already been successful. One gambling site already has more Bitcoin transactions than a combination of all exchange platforms. Value is created by the democratization, offering an immutable and secure decentralized structure.

Deposits and withdrawals using cryptocurrency are completely transparent because intermediaries including banks are no longer necessary. Sportsbooks require documents to establish and verify accounts. This process is time-consuming and lengthy. New technology resolves these issues because it is anonymous. Transactions can be conducted without revealing personal information. Hackers are hindered from accessing the data of the users. Due to the prohibited betting in numerous locations, gambling enthusiasts suffer. When illegal bookmakers do not pay it can lead to death or assault. A decentralized platform enables bettors to use cryptocurrency. Bets can then be made all over the world with just an internet connection.

Smart Betting

One of the biggest issues for the bookmakers and players is liquidity. The player deposits a certain amount of funds in their account so they can make bets. These funds do not earn interest. Payments involve numerous facets including the customer, company and payment gateway. Payment gateways are necessary for processing all withdrawal requests. The payment gateways receive their fees prior to the customer receiving their funds. The customer must then pay the levied tax which results in fewer earnings. These issues are eliminated with blockchain. Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin are the answer for the industry of sports betting. The result is higher payouts for the customers and better margins for the operators.

When cryptocurrency is used for the sports betting platform, fair and immediate payouts are guaranteed for the bettors. A central authority is no longer required for numerous processes including payments. The technology handles the transactions with everything being secure for all parties. Smart betting is when sports betting platforms use smart contracts. Codes are self-executed for every action meeting the defined criteria. Online betting platforms can use smart contracts so bets can be automatically placed for specific events such as when a penalty kick occurs in football. This will ensure lower costs, transparency and speed while addressing any issues. The costs for financial reporting will decrease roughly seventy percent.


An improved forecast for sports betting, transparent networks and more predictive and accurate results are achieved through technology. This improves the reliability of the bookie odds system. Gamblers are currently dependent on betting track records from analytics providers and experts. This data is meant to back up their content but the predictive forecast is missing. Smart contracts offer proof of the betting performance. Bettors can use this information to improve their odds through approved analytics channels and better decisions. A tamper-proof ledger is used to permanently record and track bets and payouts. This enables the bettors to follow their bets by using copy betting.

Funds are sent right to a digital wallet and trades are executed automatically through the creation of escrow and a smart contract. Automated measures for risk management are ensured through the facilitation of smart contracts. A wager can only be activated when the liquidity is sufficient for covering the bet. New token and cryptocurrency standards have convertibility built-in. A third-party exchange is not necessary for placing bets or collecting payouts from sports betting platforms. The features for sports betting can be accessed by the players using tailored and specific tokens. This unlocks functionally while enabling the player to place their bets. The expectations are sports betting will be legalized by a ruling anticipated from the Supreme Court.


Traditional sportsbooks must follow numerous different regulations in all of their dealings. This includes having every user provide several documents to create and verify their accounts. Not only is this process time consuming but it also placed limitations on the number of players. These issues can easily be resolved through the anonymity available with blockchain technology. This feature eliminates the need for users to provide personal information every time they make a transaction. This also helps prevent hackers from gaining access to the personal data of the users. An excellent example is one of the initial sites to use this technology. All the players needed to do to make a bet was to send Bitcoin to the address provided.

This means the players did not have to take the time to create an account, visit a website or download any software. Despite the claims of certain sources that there is a link between cryptocurrency and prohibited activity, this technology has the ability to change the sportsbook betting industry. The bettors can simply use their tokens on the betting platform without revealing any information. This is the key to true anonymity. The players no longer have to wait for several days for their winnings to be processed and minimum withdrawal amounts are effectively eliminated. The winnings are received fast with no limitations. The irreversible nature of cryptocurrency transactions eliminates non-payment and fraud issues as well.


The prohibition of gambling is so many areas leads to suffering for gambling enthusiasts. Unfortunately, many of these enthusiasts turn to illegal bookmakers for their services. Illegal bookmakers are incredibly dangerous because there are times they do not pay the winners. The consequences can be deadly. Everything changes when digital currency can be used on a decentralized platform. Enthusiasts have access to easily trade digital currency all over the world. All that is required is a strong internet connection. The days of waiting for several days to collect a win would be over. Withdrawals become instant with no limitations. Transactions using cryptocurrency are the future of sportsbook betting.

The industry would be able to offer memberships for all token holders. Sportsbooks would even be able to develop tokens of their own for use as currency on all different types of platforms. There are already leaders in the gambling industry accepting and creating their own tokens. All the user is required to do to become one of the shareholders of the platform is to purchase the tokens. The best part is the need to even consider placing a sporting bet with an illegal bookmaker is eliminated because bettors across the globe will have new access.

International World Markets

All of the combined technology will have a positive impact on the international world markets. Sports betting markets all over the world involve a maze of off-shore operators, local bookies and betting links run by the mob. The only place sportsbooks and their corresponding mobile apps are legal are in Las Vegas, Nevada. The problem is not every bettor lives in Las Vegas. Placing bets by contacting a sportsbook directly is a good opportunity but it is limited. The online operator’s located off-shore offer much better opportunities. New technology can circumnavigate the entire world. If the United States does not legalize sports betting, the solution is for the sports betting industry to take advantage of new technology.

If sports betting is legalized in the United States, the betting range provided by online markets will still be unmatched. When the betting markets of the world are connected through new technology, players will have the ultimate opportunity for sports betting. The industry would require format integration and additional regulations but would also evolve. The evolution of the industry requires new technology. Players are already using the technology of smartphones for discrete gambling from anywhere. There are more participants in the industry due to this convenience. Current technology can update the betting ways of the past while offering even better opportunities.

Growing Industry
The fastest type of entertainment growth in the world are gaming and esports. These industries are consistently evolving. Cycles of new growth are expected for several decades. This is due to the innovators consistently bringing even more value into the industry. The same thing happened throughout history with traditional sports. Esports has already become an industry worth more than one billion. Additional growth is expected in the betting space within the next few years. Asia is not the key area for esports. There are enormous fan bases long established in North America, CIS, Europe and Asia as well. The fans actively invest in engaging, playing and watching esports.

Cryptocurrency is providing credibility in the gambling industry by improving the overall experience of sports betting, esports and all different types of gambling. Technology can only become the future of the international markets if it is incorporated into the industry. This technology will be offered to consumers through the innovators. The advantages are profound. The next step in the evolution of this technology is making an investment in digital securities. The future of the industry is exciting and full of new advantages and opportunities due to the possibilities now available with technology.
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