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Flutter 1.22 Launched: Will it be a Gain or Pain for Businesses?

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Flutter with extensive support from iOS 14 and Android 11 released its newest version 1.22 in October last year. The release is primarily meant to focus on the fact that Android 11 and iOS 14 works great with Flutter.

Businesses are still in a dilemma to choose the best cross-platform framework between Flutter and React Native. But with the release of Flutter 1.22, they have realized that Flutter must be the top pick for them as well as the developers because it supports the new mobile OS versions.

The new version comes packed with iOS 14, Android 11, new i18, and l10n support. While these were the OS supports, there is much more it has to offer which includes Google Maps, WebView Plugins, a new app size tool, etc.

While the race to choose the best framework will continue to exist, here we will see how the Flutter 1.22 launch will be a boon for the businesses out there?

Why Should a Business Go for Flutter 1.22?

While the businesses were battling to choose the best cross-platform SDK between Flutter and React Native, Flutter with its new release in October 2020 has given the answer to all the queries till now.

Benefits of Flutter 1.22 for Businesses

With Flutter’s single codebase, developers can develop fast and a great user experience for multiple platforms. Companies who are looking for any SDK need to verify whether the new version of flutter will work on the two major platforms are Android11 and iOS14.

Let's have a look at each one of them.

With iOS14, the release of Flutter 1.22 supports the new Xcode 12, new icons, and preview support for the app clips feature of iOS 14.

While in the case of Android 11, the latest update of flutter to Flutter 1.22 supports the new kinds of display cutouts and smoother animation when coming up with the soft keyboard.

1. Getting Specific on iOS14

With the release of a new version of iOS that is iOS14, you need to check if it really works the way the developers want.

Flutter 1.22 supports the new Xcode 12 that requires iOS 9.0 or up, so upgrade your default template from 8.0 to 9.0.

With Flutter 1.22, specific crashes in iOS14 and font rendering issues are resolved now. Problems related to physical devices were already fixed with Flutter 1.20.4.

2. Access to Native iOS14 SF Symbols

Any user using the flutter made applications on their iPhone or iPad will enjoy a seamless experience between the native iOS and the one developed using Flutter 1.22.

Let me make you clear what exactly iSO14 SF symbols are. It is a set of over 1500 symbol images created by Apple that an Apple user can use as icons in his applications.

3. App Clips with Flutter 1.22

WWDC 2020 saw how app clips can perform a particular task of a user even without letting them install the entire application. Whatever the need, if you want to order some food or book a cab, you just need to download the app clip of that application and you are good to go.

It gets done in a matter of seconds. This app clip feature is used along with a range of sectors including finance, tourism, entertainment, etc. This is one of the primary reasons why one should opt for Flutter while developing any application.

4. The Latest Updates in Android 11

If you choose to have flutter app development services for your Android OS, the Flutter framework should be the preferred choice for this. Have a look at how app development for the Android ecosystem using the flutter SDK is apt for you as an entrepreneur.

a) Support for android notches

With the help of the Flutter 1.22 release, you can support safe insets in Android cutouts, notches, and edges in the new devices’ waterfall displays. Lets’ see what is the notch in smartphones. The notch is a thing that takes up a lot of height on the top of the display hence making those areas unusable.

Using Flutter SDK, Flutter developers can replicate interactive elements and UI experience exactly the same way as we see in the native applications.

b) Get your app animation aligned with software keyboard from Android 11

With the release of Android 11, the problem wherein the show and hide animation of the system keyboard does not get synchronized, gets fixed. With Flutter UI, you can replicate the interactive elements and UI experience. The glitch is now fixed.

c) New localization and internalization support

With Flutter’s flutter development company in India can make the application internationalization friendly at the initial stage. This will help in increasing the mobile app conversion through localization.

d) Android state restoration

Why shall a business invest in developing a flutter application for their business? For this, you need to understand what exactly is Android State Restoration?

The mobile OSs kill the applications that run in the background so that it can claim the resources running in the foreground applications. In this case, the mobile operating system informs the users that the application should be killed and at the same time notifies applications that the UI states must be saved quickly.

This will allow the users to restore when they cycle back to the app. This Android State Restoration feature has come to light with the launch of the flutter new 1.22 version.


With this, you get to know the benefits of flutter 1.22 for business. As a business entrepreneur, you can develop amazing applications that can run on multiple mobile OSs like iOS and Android.
The release clearly justified itself as the stable release of Flutter 1.22 came quickly within the heels of the previous release. It came up with a great pack of benefits that no one of you as an entrepreneur can ignore.

It’s you who can decide that either gain or pain falls into your hand. This is possible only when you choose the latest release of Flutter that is Flutter 1.22. As an entrepreneur, if you wish to step into the app development service in iOS and Android, it would be a wise choice if you hire Flutter developers in India who will build amazing apps for both platforms.
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