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Twilio vs Sendbird vs CONTUS MirrorFly Feature Comparison | Twilio vs Competitors

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Looking out for the best in-app chat API & SDK providers to enhance your business.

Getting confused with so many options to choose among Sendbird and Twilio competitors.

Always have an open mind! Remember, as phase has their pros and cons, every real-time chat API & SDK provider will have there comparable alternatives too.

Chiefly, some would-be alternative to Twilio API & SDK where as some for Sendbird API and SDK.

Who is the best is a million-dollar question?

Chill! We are here to guide you across.

Starting from the scratch, Here we will discuss over the feature comparison among both Twilio and Sendbird alternatives to have a clear vision.

Why is a Twilio Alternative needed?

Twilio is a leading provider in cloud communication platform that deals with SMS and whatsapp messaging. Recently it has made a shift to conversational API but is still lagging behind when compared to other competitors. This is so as instead of investing in conversational API applications, it has just upgraded the existing application of programmable chat API.

Now, let’s have look at some of the features that can prove the need of twilio alternative for the better business,

1. Limitations to the Dominance of Twilio

This point can be explained well with an illustration of European Union. However, this region has restrictions when it comes to data exchange with the US. 

But as per GDPR, the data transfer from US to EU should be safe as they help in regulating the data transfers.

Twilio is moving fine with the European Union until the EU court's latest ruling, where it is illegal to use a US-based cloud service provider, even if it does contain a physical server in Europe. 

Thus Twilio got trapped in, that has made several European companies look for a Twilio alternative.

2. SMS API delivery notification

This feature most often does not work properly. Mostly, whenever the SMS was not sent from a web application, Twilio still shows that as a delivered message.

For example, using Twilio's this feature, some of the telecom operators in Russia used a grey scheme via which they need to notify the recipients. But Twilio’s this feature will automatically mark the status as a ‘message delivered’ without being sent.  

3. Highest Pricing

Twilio offers communication API services at a very high cost i.e., the total cost of the ownership(TCO) with Twilo is much expensive whereas the same service is provided at a very affordable price by the other Twilio alternative

Let’s have a look at some of the below pricing list of Twilio’s API services,

Programmable Voice

Starting at $0.0085/min to receive and $0.013/min to make a call.

Programmable SMS

Starting at $0.0075 to send or receive a message.

Twilio SendGrid Email API

Starting at $14.95/month for up to 100k emails. Up to 40k emails free for 30 days.

Twilio API for Whatsapp

Starting at $0.0042 to send a WhatsApp Template message and $0.005 for WhatsApp Session messages.

Elastic SIP Trunking

Starting at $0.0045/min for origination and $0.007/min for termination.

Programmable video

Starting at $0.0015/min per participant.

Programmable Wireless

Pay-as-you-go and quota-based options available starting at $2.00/SIM card and $0.100/MB.

4. In-app Chat Solution

Twilio is new to the field of in app chat solution as it has recently announced that they have ended the life of programmable chat API and have moved on with conversational API.

That being said, Twilio has not made any special investment over this in app chat features instead have upgraded in already existing programmable chat API, which is not preferred to be a solution when it’s about a long term priority.

Why is a Sendbird Alternative needed?

Sendbird is the popular chat API and messaging SDK platform for mobiles and website applications. Sendbird mainly focuses on chat applications, but in recent time it has extended itself to voice and video apps too, where it is still lagging behind the bushes to stand the ground in real time communication. Although even after this, we can define sendbird as an alternative because of its pricing, limited customization features, and much more.

Let’s have a look at some of the pain points that indicates the need for a sendbird alternative as a better solution to your business

1. Monthly Subscription

Sendbird is a cloud-based service that moves with a SaaS (Software as a service) based model where you can access the application via an internet browser with the concept of monthly subscription.Almost this seems to be a burden to the user. Moreover, if you go on calculating this monthly subscription amount, the pricing would be comparatively higher then what you pay as a one time cost. 

On the other hand, this kind of monthly payment allows you only to use the set of features without having any control over it.

2.Limited Customization

Customization is something that really plays a very essential role when it comes to building your own business application. But with sendbird, Yes ! it does allow you to build your customized application to get connected with online communities ensuring customers needs, but with certain limitations, which really sounds awkward. 

Eventually can say that here, Sendbird does allow the customers to have their own brand for their business but will make them dependent for their services and essentials.

3. Video and Voice Calling

Sendbird had mostly focused on chat services but later on during the drastic period of Zoom and Houseparty, Sendbird introduced its participation in video and voice communication.

Let’s have a look at some of the drawbacks in Sendbird’s voice and video features,

  • VoIP & push notification does not work on both modes - Sendbird has made available both VoIP and remote push notification features to get notified on background mode as well as foreground mode. But when the user receives a call these features are capable to work only on the foreground mode not in background mode.

  • Phone volume goes down automatically - Whenever a user receives a phone call during a live video calling, there is an issue with the phone volume i.e., if the user picks up the call, the volume of the video call automatically goes down and does not rise even after ending the phone call.

  • Compact Video call Screen - Whenever the user receives a call, full screen video gets displayed. But, when the user presses the back button the next moment the video call screen gets compact into the PIP mode. 

    However, if in case the app is not in background the user will receive the call and can move into PIP mode. But once the app is opened and moved into the full screen, it is still found that the video will remain in PIP mode itself.

  • With the usage of Sendbird call SDK, user is unable to receive APNS device token for both iOS and Android 

What could be the Best Choice over these pain points? Let’s Explore!

However, the above section has given an immense view over the pain points indicating the need of sendbird alternative and Twilio alternative

It’s quite common to look out for the solution for these pain points as well! 

And thus, we have CONTUS MirrorFly - the one and only option that can terminate these pain points with its extraordinary compatible features.

Well, CONTUS MirrorFly is the top most leading chat API and messaging SDK solution for mobiles and web applications. 

Today it has been recognized as the best in app chat API because of its few unique features eradicating the pain points of other alternative providers,

1. One time License Cost

CONTUS MirrorFly provides the application at a one time license cost i.e., no monthly subscription. Hence, here the customers can embrace the benefits of all their desired features throughout life that they have opted while building their business application.

2. 100% Customization Features

Yes, CONTUS MirrorFly provides an end-to-end customization. And its highest level of scalability makes all these features so compatible that it can be integrated into any existing application for mobiles and websites.

3. On-Cloud & On-Premise Deployment

CONTUS MirrorFly takes complete control over from the beginning i.e., from design to development and deployment by following strategic protocols.

4. Voice and video calling

CONTUS MirrorFly provides a user friendly frontend and backend that moves along. Its VoIP/SIP calling feature enables the agents, clients and other staff in the field to interact via voice and video easily with a fine tuned volume and other essentials.

Even it’s UI has been designed in such a way that it’s screen gets adjusted to the frame whenever there is a need to pick a call during the live video session.

5. Can be used globally, No restrictions

CONTUS MirrorFly has their business customers across the globe. Since they provide the data storage facility with an open option as on cloud/on premises, it has been highly appreciated by almost all kinds of industries

6. API Delivery notifications

Push button makes the notification in both foreground as well as background mode giving the proper appearance over the application without disturbing other ongoing activities.

Feature Comparsion - CONTUS MirrorFly vs Twilio vs Sendbird

Till now we had an in-depth discussion about the pain points of all these top in app chat app providers.

But to have some more clarity over this, let’s have a look at some of the feature comparisons - CONTUS MirrorFly vs Twilio vs Sendbird for a better exposure.


CONTUS MirrorFly



Group chat - (UNLIMITED users)

You can experience a real-time conversation with an unlimited number of users by creating public or private groups under a centralized channel.

You can have group chats with over 20,000 users.

You can have a group chat with over 1000 users.


CONTUS MirrorFly can be integrated into any existing apps such as iOS, Android, and web application without the need of coding knowledge.

Twilio does not get integrated directly with Oracle as here have to use a third party plug-in to get connected to Oracle.

Sendbird does help in the integrations process for mobiles and web applications but will be limited with certain restrictions.

Proactive Chat

This feature is equipped with typing indicators, here its online presence and tagging is done to enhance its responsiveness while chatting

No Proactive Chat

No Proactive Chat

Authentication Tool

CONTUS MirroFly provides multiple authentication that helps you to access the entire video call SDK with the credential to utilize the entire service. All this with an ontime notification to the users end.

Twilio does not support the multi-factor authentication that are using text messages as they are still sent to the users platform's messaging app

For the authentication feature to work, the user must be connected to Sendbird server. This means that once the user performs any action of making or receiving calls before authentication, the user will be notified about it with an error message from sendbird's server.

Interactive voice response (IVR)

It allows the user to interact with the system where the information will already be pre recorded in human voice. And when the customer places their queries, the answer will be given accordingly. Thus, this can reduce the customer waiting time to connect to an agent.


Twilio does support this feature.

Conference Calling - (UNLIMITED users)

You can make unlimited calls to multiple users across the world.

It allows you to connect to limited number of users during the conference calling session

It allows you to connect to limited number of users during the conference calling session

Voice Monitoring & Reporting

It allows to manage, analyse, track all the call details that includes drop ratio, call handling time, and call conversion rate for better decision making.

No Voice Monitoring & Reporting

The feature of voice monitoring is available but the voice calls can not be reported here.

Live Broadcasting

This feature allows to have a live streaming option with on-demand content such as webinars, project meetings for users around the channels globally. This application is available in groups.

No Live broadcasting

No Live broadcasting


Moving across some of the CONTUS MirrorFly, Sendbird and Twilio comparisons over the features, you would have got certain clarity to make a decision.

But, if you still want to have some more clear comparison between all these three real time in app chat API and messaging SDK providers, then you can have an extended view over more features.

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