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E-commerce Trends you can’t miss

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The e-commerce market in 2022 leaves entrepreneurs no choice but immediately incorporate new technologies. Today it is not enough to follow the latest trends, because you need to be two steps ahead. How to do it?

Consumer behavior has changed, especially since this pandemic. You get used to good things quickly, so online shopping and fast delivery services made us all appreciate our time and comfort.

You have to pay for everything in this life, so retailers and marketplaces have to pay for the growth of demand and profits in the field of e-commerce by regularly introducing new technologies, fighting for consumer loyalty, and rivalry in endless competition.

Here are a few of the latest e-commerce trends that cannot be missed if you want to achieve stable profits and customer growth.

All attention to CRO

As mentioned above, the growth in demand for online shopping has increased with the arrival of the pandemic. Therefore, retailers had to cope with the huge traffic and look for solutions on how not to miss and form the loyalty of visitors to their store’s website or marketplace.

To get the most out of the attracted traffic, it is necessary to resort to conversion optimization or CRO (conversion rate optimization). The main goal of optimization is to attract users to perform the desired actions, which may be, for example, a purchase or subscription to a service.

Sometimes even a minor change on the landing page can already increase conversion. However, you do not need to point your finger at the sky, achieve the goal, and conduct analytics that will help you achieve it.

  • Configure the data collection tools (Yandex Metrika, Google Analytics, etc.);

  • Please read these web Analytics and targeted audience. For greater efficiency, additional research and surveys are sometimes used, for example, competitive analysis, etc.;

  • Based on the data obtained, you can already form hypotheses and ideas;

  • Perform a split test of the changes already made to the site.

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of these changes.

After all the activities are carried out, the conversion of the site can grow significantly. The main thing is to approach the issue comprehensively.

PWA (Progressive Web App)

Your goal is profit. The consumer’s goal is to get what he wants quickly, safely, and conveniently.

Due to the growing number of purchases made from phones, website developers are increasingly resorting to the introduction of PWA (progressive web app). Simply put, when you go to the company’s website, you get to a page whose interface is almost the same as a mobile application.

This approach allows you to boost user engagement, and therefore increase conversion. The main advantage of PWA is the cost of development and support, which is several times lower compared to the development of a separate application.

For example, one of the largest online sales platforms in India, OLX,

has increased the percentage of returns to the customer site by 250% due to PWA.

CDP replaces CRM

The main priority for business is not only attracting new leads but also working with current customers. But, it is important to remember that there must be a balance in everything. What does CDP have to do with it and what is it? CDP (customer data platform) is a system that identifies a user and collects information about him wherever possible.

Within the framework of common sense and the law, of course.

The purpose of using all the data obtained about users is to personalize marketing messages, which will exalt their efficiency and increase profits, form loyalty, and keep the customer close to you.

However, it is still important to note that if your service or product is relatively new on the market, you continue to use a CRM system, and the customer database is not that big, then it is worth delaying the transition to CDP. There will be a scale — there will be a need, and most importantly — a benefit for your business.

Chatbots as a long-term investment

The business has been introducing chatbots for years, because the market is constantly changing, and e-commerce is increasingly in need of this technology. What is the reason for this? Firstly, 50% of customers need to be in touch with business 24/7, and the same percentage of users prefer to make purchases using chatbots, avoiding telephone conversations, according to Oracle research.

Secondly, any entrepreneur wants to minimize costs, and a chatbot in this regard is an excellent and inexpensive solution for the money saved by the business in the future. Having paid once for the development of such an application on the site, the business will be able to reduce unnecessary personnel costs and increase the number of sales and returning customers, thereby increasing the profit of the business.

Today, technology allows you to implement more functions in chatbots in addition to elementary scripts. For example, customers can arrange delivery or return of goods, make a payment or make an appointment with a doctor. And this is not all the possibilities of chatbots.

Analysts predict more of the future for this technology and an increase in profits for its users.

Don’t be afraid to try.

All that was said above are tools that will help you and your business to be two steps ahead. However, you should not rush headlong and implement them at the same time. Conduct an examination, define a strategy and test it, as we do in the Cloud.

Remember that numbers and indicators are your main argument. So don’t be afraid to try and choose the best solution for your business.