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Let's start in GameDev

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About this post

I just started to learn Game Development, and decided to start write my personal blog about it. So there you can find information(resources, blogs, courses, books) that i've gathered and my personal problems with learning)

About me

I'm a student in the Lyceum BSU now. Just finished with preparation to exams and decided to learn more about GameDev. I already have experiance in Computer Science, but not commercial. My English level now is abot B2/C1.

My plan

  • Do research and find resources about GameDev

  • Realize, that English is must to learn

  • Find some English grammar and words resources, where i can learn it

  • Dive into the books i found

  • Share my progress with you in this blog

  • After really good job, do final project and make cv

  • Find a job:)


After some research in different places i realized, that study of GameDev is really hard. Because if you want to start in low-level programming in this sphere, you should be hardly motivated. I didn't find any material in russian language, only in english. The aren't any courses, only books. And you should ask yourself, before starting to dig deeper. Can i really do it? If your answer was "Yes", you can read information below)

I already had some experience in CS, but if you don't start with books about it. I recommend "W.V.F.Filho - Computer science distilled learn the art of solving computational"

It's really good book, but if you know anything better, please leave it in the comments.

Then you can find some books about CS and programming languages in my Google Drive, but this book is enough to light start.
I'm so sorry, I've lost this link

Let's continue with our main topic.

First you should read “Game coding complete”, it will give you basic understanding of game development

Then add some “Game engine architechture”

And then start to learn other book by the way


  1. Linear algebra - http://immersivemath.com/

  2. Simple math - https://www.mathsisfun.com/

  3. StackOverFlow - https://stackoverflow.com/?newreg=56b6ffa4f790409c9ee2edb780140377&newreg=4060693701814f99b3438c1ba9bcd240
    You can read it to practice English and find some solutions for your bags

  4. Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/

    Also for English and different problems described there

  5. Quora - https://www.quora.com/

  6. CPPcon - https://cppcon.org/

    basic of c++

  7. Quizlet - https://quizlet.com/class/821915/

    English word’s training

  8. Gamedev - https://www.gamedeveloper.com/

    News, features and etc.

English learning

I already have good level of English, IMHO. But i decided to improve it ASAP. So i picked:

  • "English Grammar In Use" for grammar

  • Quizlet for learning words

  • Contunied to watch movies in English

  • Started to read more in Enlish

  • Finally, started to speak with native speaker

Add more resources

  • molly rocket

  • jonathan blow

  • nybbles.io

  • javidx9

  • ryan ries

This is youtube channels, whrere you can find some useful tricks.

Really good online university to start learn CS is github free university

Summing up

I've tried to tell you all information, that i know so far. Please review my post in the comment. Recommend what i should improve and etc.

See you later!

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