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Your Name: Why it’s Important in American Sales and Marketing

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This is one of the most important articles I’ve written. 

In this article, I’m going to dive deep into one of the largest differences between Russia and America pertaining to sales and marketing. 

1. You must use your name. 

2. You must have a personal approach. 

3. You must show that you are involved. 

4. You must show that you care about the needs and desires of the client. 

Recently, I was faced with an interesting problem. I was asked to call clients without making it personal. 

So let’s go back to when I was in America, living and working as a sales person. The company I work for, was very large, and had multiple branches around the Washington DC area. They had offices in three states. 

They put me through a sales training course. 

The biggest “take away” from the course….. 

You’re not selling the product

you’re selling yourself. 

It's important to use your charisma and your genuine caring for the customer to win them over. Once they understand that you're actually trying to help them, then they will seriously consider the item you are telling them about. 

I also want to say, very clearly, that it's not a prideful approach. It should be a professional approach. You're responsible to tell the customer/ the client all the benefits of the item and how this item will help their business.

Everything above pertains to sales in America. So if you are approaching America as a sales manager this is how you should craft your approach. 

Now I've spoken to my colleague,

Kristina Pashnina and we have agreed upon some stark differences to the Russian sales climate. Here she will begin to tell you how the Russians see sales. 

Kristina Pashnina:

The sales etiquette here in Russia doesn't exist in the same way that it does in the United States. 

There's not many stores that I can go to where the sales consultant will not either be: 

1. Overly desperate, trying to sell me something 


2. Completely leaving it, standoffish and thinking that they are better than you 

Here in Russia in the re:store they treat you with disdain and they patronize you. 

I believe the reason the sales etiquette has not developed here is because of the Russian trigger point of personal pride. 

Paul Karol: 

So the cultural trigger point for Russia is "Personal Pride of the director that has the yes/no power in the deal" 

The cultural trigger point is the thing that allows business to be done.  It's the main driving Factor, the main motivational factor in business, besides profit, of course. 

The American trigger point is "Responsibility". 

Now look at how this is affecting sales and sales etiquette in the two countries. 

So if you are an IT company in Russia and you want to be successful selling your products selling your development services in America you must come with a more personal approach and take responsibility for your client. 

I sincerely hope that this article helps the IT industry in Russia. 

If you have any comments or questions I would be glad to discuss it in the comments below.

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