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How to Save on Your Netflix Subscription: A Step-by-Step Guide Using Proxies and Antidetect Browser

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Corporations that dominate the market can impose their conditions on customers. This is also the case with everyone's favorite Netflix. When you make good content and you are sure that your audience wants to consume your content, you can start to increase the subscription price gradually. But the distribution of subscription costs around the world is unequal. This happens not only with Netflix, it happens with many big corporations: Microsoft, Sony, etc.

Naturally, everyone wants to watch high-quality content, but no one wants to overpay for it. And that led to creation of different schemes, for example, the one I'm going to describe here.

The essence of the scheme is simple – you buy a subscription for another region while staying in your home region. Of course, you can do this, but before I describe the scheme in detail, you should understand that Netflix is not as simple as it seems. When buying a subscription, for example, as a user from Pakistan, you should know that only the content that is allowed in that country will be available to you. Meaning, any sign of eroticism in movies, for example, is forbidden there.

And now this scheme appears in a completely opposite light. You can use my scheme if you want to access content that is blocked in your country, but you need to be prepared that the price will not be the same as for your region.

Top Three cheapest countries (in terms of the Netflix subscription price)









Top three most expensive countries (in terms of the Netflix subscription price)









The main disadvantage of this scheme is that you will need a bank card of the country where you want to register a Netflix account, since obviously Netflix is not as simple as it might seem (like I already said).

This scheme is not new, and that's what it will take to implement it.

Residential Proxy Service (I recommend using the 2Captcha residential proxy service).

Antidetect browser Undetectable (I recommend using this particular browser, since I have never had any problems with it).

A service for receiving SMS (any popular service will do; I will not recommend something specific).

A bank card of the region where you want to buy an account – I use the card of Argentina, because I have it. Now you no longer need to go to a bank to issue a card. If you really want it and have some extra dollars, you can buy a card online, there are a lot of services for this purpose (for example, Pyypl, where the card is defined as a UAE card, but I managed to pay with it in other geolocations (I wasn't able to use it for Pakistan and Brazil), in the UAE, Netflix costs $10, if you want to know).

Okay, enough of the foreplay – let's look at the registration process.

For starters we need to prepare everything:

1.     We download the Undetectable browser and register on the site. You will not be able to use the browser without registration. I will not show the registration process, there is nothing extraordinary there, it is the standard procedure.

2.     If you don't have an account on the 2Captcha service, you need to register there (or log in if you have one), refill the balance and select the necessary proxy settings. I use the settings for Argentina, after that, for convenience, I select the automatic setting for Undetectable and copy the necessary parameters (as shown in the screenshot).

3.     We connect the proxy to the browser.

4.     We check that the proxy is active and launch the browser.

Now that everything is set up and working, we go to the Netflix website and go through the standard registration procedure.

The registration is simple, nothing lags, it does not require additional confirmations a million times, everything starts working right away. For example, to register on Chinese services, I need several packs of sedatives before I finish the procedure, but here everything works smoothly.

I want to mention one more time that you need to use a bank card of the region a proxy of which you bought, otherwise the system does not let using the card. They're probably checking the BIN or something else, but I've tested several different cards in non-native regions, and the system never let me go through with it. A card with zeros went through, although after confirming the phone number, I was brought back to the page where I needed to enter a normal card number.

There were no problems with the phone number – the online service deals with this task perfectly.

Thus, it is not difficult to get a Netflix subscription, you just need to have a little bit of time, a bit more money than was required before, and a few more technical skills (funny, it turns out that now the ability to handle a proxy and an antidetect browser are considered to be technical skills (I add this clarification specifically so as not to enlarge a branch with comments from users with inflated ego issues that will tell me that what I mentioned is not considered to be technical skills… I know that)).