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Access the power of hardware accelerated video codecs in your Windows applications via FFmpeg / libavcodec

Reading time8 min
Since 2011 all Intel GPUs (integrated and discrete Intel Graphics products) include Intel Quick Sync Video (QSV) — the dedicated hardware core for video encoding and decoding. Intel QSV is supported by all popular video processing applications across multiple OSes including FFmpeg. The tutorial focuses on Intel QSV based video encoding and decoding acceleration in Windows native (desktop) applications using FFmpeg/libavcodec for video processing. To illustrate concepts described, the open source 3D Streaming Toolkit is used.
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OOX 2.0: Out of order execution made easy

Reading time13 min

As Intel Threading Building Blocks (TBB) is being refreshed using new C++ standard, deprecating tbb::task interface, the need for high-level tasking interface becomes more obvious. In this article, I’m proposing yet another way of defining what a high-level parallel task programming model can look like in modern C++. I created it in 2014 and it was my last contribution to TBB project as its core developer after 9 wonderful years of working there. However, this proposal has not been used in production yet, so a new discussion might help it to be adopted.

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