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How we built a Cyber Immune product using an open source library: stages, pitfalls, solutions

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Do you remember how, even before the pandemic set in, companies were striving to provide secure perimeter access for their telecommuters? Especially if super sensitive data was involved such as accounting information or corporate documents. The solutions were complex, bulky and expensive. Can you imagine just how critical it has become now?!


My name is Sergey Yakovlev, and I'm the head of the Kaspersky Thin Client project based on our proprietary operating system, KasperskyOS. A thin client is one of the main components of a virtual desktop infrastructure, which is a remote desktop access system. In this article, I will use such a client as an example of how you can build a secure (yet commercially viable!) product. I will cover the stages, the stumbling blocks, the problems and solutions. Let's go!
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Blood, sweat and pixels: releasing a mobile game with no experience

Reading time12 min
In January 2022, we, at Kaspersky, released our first mobile game – Disconnected. The game was designed for companies that want to strengthen their employees’ knowledge of cybersecurity basics. Even though game development is not something you would expect from a cybersecurity company, our motivation was quite clear – we wanted to create an appealing, interactive method of teaching cybersecurity.

Over our many years of experience in security awareness and experimentation with learning approaches (e.g. online adaptive platforms, interactive workshops and even VR simulations), we’ve noticed that even if the material is presented in a highly engaging way, people still lack the opportunity to apply the knowledge in practice. This means that although they are taking in the information, it won’t necessarily be applied.
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