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WebRTC being the newer technology and standard, isn't it easier to live stream than with RTSP? I reckon that WebRTC will quickly replace older protocols and render them obsolete with rapid growth and strong backing from Google and the rest of browser and platform developers.
Actually, RTSP and WebRTC streaming are different cases.
RTSP is used to capture a stream from source which supports this protocol (the most of IP cameras and NVRs). It (almost) strictly describes signaling, so it's easy to implement in hardware devices.
WebRTC is used to publish stream from webcam (or mobile device camera) with a minimal latency. It requires a lot of client resources due to traffic encryption, and does not give a clear signaling definition, so different WebRTC implementations are not compatible to each other. That's besause WebRTC is not widely used in hardware devices like IP cameras. May be Google will standartize it in future.
Surely a nice piece of information. But can we broadcast different cameras present on different floors on a single YouTube account by the same method?
Yes, you can for example use Youtube Events and create a different translation for each camera. In this case, every translation will have its own RTMP ingest point.
Another option is to use stream mixer. You can mix all the camera streams to one, and use one Youtube RTMP ingest point. Please read this step-by-step example of stream mixing. The mixer stream can be republished to Youtube just like described in this article above.
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