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Спецлаб придумал технологию «видеоаналитика»

Neural networks in reality

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The mass of news and articles about artificial intelligence creates the illusion that we are living in a fantastic time. But when you start asking everyone what exactly is useful in real life from these high technologies, the answers come down to some Google features, mobile games and a story about Chinese videos. By the way, oh, these Chinese videos — for some reason, they are constantly shown by the central mass media when they demonstrate Moscow's intellectual technologies.

In words, it seems, all the «intellects» are installed already everywhere, the whole country has long been transferred to neural networks, but only in some kind of demonstration pictures, in diagrams, on fingers. There is a mental dissonance — why not take a video camera and shoot at least a fragment of how Russia's super mega technologies work?

As Nikita Sergeevich said, «science ceases to be self-indulgence when its fruits are applied in the national economy.» And today's artificial intelligence is familiar to us only from games. Many people really want to see something useful in reality. Therefore, we were not too lazy and recorded our video of the operation of neural networks from real objects.

But let's repeat: We really want to see something useful in some kind of reality, at least advertising. Because it is impossible to develop in a vacuum. We compete with a mirror — excerpts from our videos are constantly found in the media, or, at best, with some kind of stories on their fingers — rarely does any of the manufacturers provide full-fledged videos of their technologies. Gentlemen, give useful links! For our part, we record many hours of experiments in the field of neural networks so that everyone can assess reality. But we don't even have anyone to discuss the quality of our developments, and this article is a cry from the heart.
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