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Beta testing of the PVS-Studio C# analyzer on Linux and macOS

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More and more users of the PVS-Studio C# analyzer get interested in the possibility to utilize it for checking C# code on Linux and macOS. Today we have some good news.

Since the end of the last year, we've been actively working on porting our C# analyzer to the .NET Core platform, as well as ensuring its performance on Unix-like operating systems. Our plans are to release PVS-Studio C# for .NET Core on Linux and macOS platforms in late April — first half of May.

On Windows, the analyzer will continue to work under the .NET Framework so far, since we've decided to concentrate on the release of the analyzer for the new OS. Anyway, you can check cross-platform .NET Core projects on Windows right now.

We're going to start beta testing in early to mid-April. If you are interested in participating in it, please, fill in this form. When the beta testing starts, we will send you instructions for installing the analyzer and a trial license.

P.S. We are also developing a plugin for the JetBrains Rider development environment for all platforms supported by the analyzer. As part of the beta testing, as a bonus you will also have an opportunity to try this plugin with both the .NET Core, and «classic» PVS-Studio C# analyzer on Windows.
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