• Realization of the connections pool with WCF for .Net Core with usage of HttpClientFactory

      Now our product is being developed on the basis of.Net Core 2.2 platform with use of WCF 4.5 for interaction with SOAP client service. In the process of service operation, our data bus developers had noticed the high load on the server. After that, the problems with access to the service had appeared. The cause was contained in the number of active connections.

      There is such a problem as connection exhaustion. It can appear because of lack with accessible ports while making connection or limits to the number of connections with external or internal service. There are two solutions:

      • Increasing the available resources,
      • Decreasing the number of connections.

      The first solution is not available for us, because increasing the resources can be done only on the side of the service provider. Thus, we had decided to search for ways to optimize the number of connections. At this article, we are telling about the found solution.

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