• Modern COBOL: Microservice Tutorial

    • Tutorial

    You will learn and implement a microservice in COBOL without Mainframe. You will structure the project, manage dependencies, implement automatic tests and build virtualized execution environment. Finally, you will publish the microservice on GitHub under Continuous Integration workflow.

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  • Geolocation and geoposition — mega-tool

    • Translation


    Today, geolocation and geo-positioning have turned into a state that we did not dream about 60 years ago, during the first thoughts about creating an Internet network.

    This article was prepared thanks to the IPGeolocation.io

    Cartography has turned into a miracle — from insanely large sheets of paper to what fits in the palm of your hand.

    Today, maps are used not only to search for a cultural center in Paris, but to be able to find everything:

    • nearest hotel
    • pharmacy or hospital
    • grocery store
    • university or school
    • Pink Concert venue in San Francisco

    The transformation of technology will not stop there. It will be better and more accurate than ever.

    Evolution in time

    Let's see how the evolution of geolocation began. The journey of this phenomenon begins in ancient times.

    Excursion into the past
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  • Checklist: what had to be done before deploying microservices to production

      This article contains a brief squeeze from my own experience and that of my colleagues, with whom I had been fighting incidents day and night. And many incidents would never have occurred if all these microservices that we love so much were written at least a little more carefully.

      Unfortunately, some programmers seriously believe that a Dockerfile with any team at all inside is a microservice in itself and can be deployed even now. Dockers are running — money are incoming. This approach turns into problems starting from performance degradation, inability to debug, service failures and ending in a nightmare called Data Inconsistency.

      If you feel that the time has come to launch one more app in Kubernetes / ECS / whatever, then I have something to object to.

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