• Yii news 2020, issue 5

      Hello, community!

      It is time for another Yii news issue. Both Yii 2 and Yii 3 are doing well.

      I've finally updated the team page on the website to reflect the current state of things.

      Konstantin Sirotkin is back and actively taking care of ElasticSearch Yii 2 extension.

      Yii 3 main team was formed (actually happened late 2019). Likely you know the names because most were mentioned in previous Yii news issues.

      Also, we have partially moved to GitHub actions. Experience is great so far, so we can definitely recommend that. We're adding phan static analysis
      and running tests with Infection to make code quality even better.

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    • Ugly API

        In this article, I’d like to talk about the problems I faced while integrating an API for the HTTP protocol and share my experience in solving them.

        - REST vs Non REST architecture

        - Ignoring Header Accept: application/json

        - Mixing JSON keys case types

        - Different response to the same request

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      • Hire PHP Developers: Cost & Procedure


          PHP has surely become the most ubiquitous language for the world today. Being around for a while, PHP is ruling the market, with expectations to dominate for years to come. Therefore, irrespective of the size of a business, PHP remains the first choice to get a sturdy and customizable website created.

          However, It is important to understand that PHP is an art (Scripting language), you need to hire an artist (developer) to yield the best from it.

          Choosing the best from the pool of more than 5 million PHP developers is a tedious task. Even more when you’re a noob into this industry. Apart from language skills, there are multiple other factors, such as budget, skills, experience that influence the decision to hire a particular remote PHP team.
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