• Top 5 Reasons to Learn TensorFlow

      Top 5 Reasons to Learn TensorFlow

      Artificial Intelligence or AI has gone far beyond its beginning and self-driving cars, virtual assistants, Google Lens, and personalized marketing, are some of the initial powerful applications of AI. The present generation is yet to witness the true potential of AI in the years to come. Companies are investing huge amounts of money to leverage the power of AI and build applications that offer best-in-class solutions to real-world problems.

      Broadly speaking, AI is one of the powerful fields of computer science which focuses on making machines capable of mimicking human actions. Such machines are not explicitly programmed and it learns from past experiences to make decisions quite similar to what humans do through their brain. When one starts exploring AI, it is inevitable to come across its subset i.e. Machine Learning. Further deep learning is a subset of machine learning.

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