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Unity: Selecting and uploading files by user on WebGL assembly

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In this article, we will look at a way to give the user the ability to upload any files, such as textures. And let's touch on the topic of launching JS functions from C# within Unity. As a result, we will get a script that, by calling just one function, will open a window for selecting files.

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Making economic RTS with React and Babylon. Part 1

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When I was much younger, I used to play a lot. My number one preference was Knights & Merchants. While all my friends liked battle scenes most, I was fond of economical aspects of this game. For me it was always cool to look after the villagers who run their own business, become hungry sometimes and work together in the name of their country’s welfare. Recently I bought it in Steam store and thought that I could even do a webmake of this game.

As a first step of this dangerous journey it would be cool to take one of the core mechanics and try to re-implement it with the tools I’m already comfortable with: React and WebGL. It’s also a great possibility to test drive Babylon.js, which is in my to-do list.

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