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How we designed the user interface for an enterprise analytical system

Reading time5 min

In 2021, we were contacted by an industrial plant that was faced with the need to create a system for analyzing processes in its production. The enterprise team studied ready-made solutions, but none of the analytics system designs fully covered the required functionality. So they turned to us with a request to develop their own analytical system that would collect data from all machines and allow it to be analyzed to see bottlenecks in production. For this project, we created a data-driven UI/UX design and also developed a web-based interface for the equipment monitoring system.

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Ray Cast Visual Search (RCVS). Fast and simple algorithm for searching 3D objects with similar shapes

Reading time8 min
For me, these two models are quite similar, but in fact they don’t have obvious characteristics to measure this similarity. These models have different numbers of vertices, edges and polygons. They are of different sizes, rotated differently and both have the same transforms (Location = [0,0,0], Rotation in radians = [0,0,0], Scale = [1,1,1]). So how to determine their similarity?
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